Strange black frames around menu items and objects on desktop

Discussion in 'Apple' started by notty, May 16, 2007.

  1. notty

    notty Guest

    Hi everyone,

    thank you for looking in on me.

    I run OS 10.4.9 German on a G4, and while working in Photoshop CS2
    this afternoon I began to get strange black frames around menu items,
    dropdown lists, input fields and objects on the desktop.

    Here are some screenshots:[email protected]/500941656/[email protected]/500941652/[email protected]/500941650/

    Anyone know what this is and what to do about it?


    notty, May 16, 2007
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  2. notty

    notty Guest

    Well, I found the problem.

    VoiceOver (in System Preferences) was activated. I had not realized
    this since some headphones were plugged in. When I put them on, I
    wondered why everything I did was read to me in this strange voice.

    The black frame is the "VoiceOver Cursor".

    And why was VoiceOver turned on? In Photoshop, you can use Shift + F5
    to fill an area with color. I misremembered and pressed Command + F5
    -- which is the shortcut to activate VoiceOver.

    Thanks for reading and thinking with me. Maybe this will help someone


    notty, May 16, 2007
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