Strange "overclocking error" problem with motherboard

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Wylie Wilde, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. Wylie Wilde

    Wylie Wilde Guest


    I've got a strange problem - I get an error message at the bootup that
    claims I have a failed overclocking problem. The thing is= I never
    overclocked the computer!

    I did however flash the motherboard with the latest bios from Asus. (Not the
    newer beta one)

    The problem mainly happens when I turn the computer off (at the main power
    switch) for 30 minutes+. When I power it back on- the computer beeps rapidly
    several times and the monitor is totally blank. When I restart it the bios
    screen comes on and says I have "failed overclocking". It asks me to use
    default settings to continue- I press enter and all is ok.

    My computer system is a P4 3.0 Prescott, Asus P4P800S, 1G RAM,
    PFUHL2keyboard, Geforce4Ti4800SE, Creative CDRW 32x, Sony DVDROM, Mirage
    400W powersupply, IntelliExplorer mouse. Cable modem - Motorola SB5100.

    I am using Windows XP Pro SP2 with all critical updates done Firewall is
    Zone Alarm Pro 5.1, Grisoft AVG. I also use Trojan Hunter, Adware6, and
    TrendMicro's online scanner.

    Whats the problem?



    Wylie Wilde, Sep 5, 2005
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  2. Wylie Wilde

    Paul Guest

    Maybe the CMOS battery needs to be replaced ? When the main power
    is off (i.e. the green LED is not lit on the motherboard), the
    CMOS and the Real Time Clock are run via the coin cell battery.
    Nominal voltage is around 3 volts or so. If the battery drops below
    2.4V or so, the CMOS memory could become "forgetful". When the green
    LED on the motherboard is lit, the battery is not used - no current
    is drawn from the battery then.

    Somehow, though, I doubt this is the problem. Check the battery with
    a voltmeter, to decide whether the battery needs to be replaced or
    not. (There have occasionally been batches of motherboards, where
    the batteries are weak from the factory, and checking Google or
    the private forums, might tell you whether that is the case
    with your motherboard model.)

    Paul, Sep 6, 2005
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