Strange Problem... but fixed

Discussion in 'AOpen' started by CiRcUiT, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. CiRcUiT

    CiRcUiT Guest

    I just wanted to post this here so there was a record for
    people to find if they have a similar problem. I am by no
    means a newbie to system building (many systems built for
    clients and myself) but even the experienced can get the odd
    weird one from time to time. ;)

    Full Specs:

    The short version:
    2500+ (multiplier locked) @ 200x11 (3200+ specs)
    Aopen AK79D-400VN (nForce2 Ultra 400)
    2x512MB PC3200 @ 200MHz (400DDR) (Not Dual channel)

    One day my system started to get random reboots. After some
    checking of various things like the PSU, settings, etc, it
    eventually would not POST. I set everything to the standard
    specs (166x11) and proceeded to test the memory with
    MEMTEST. After 8 hours of testing it started to show errors
    so I tested 1x512 and got errors right away. I tested the
    other one and got the same errors in the same areas. I put
    both in and the errors were still there. I put them in dual
    channel and the errors went away. (Now THAT was a strange
    one and a cause of much scratching of the noggin'.)

    I ran at stock speeds (166x11) with the memory in sync
    (166MHz) in dual channel for a week before I had the brain
    storm to try re-flashing my BIOS.

    I re-flashed my BIOS and everything is back to the way it
    was before. I'm running at 200MHz FSB with memory in sync
    (but not in dual channel/My cheap memory will not run full
    speed in dual channel). Prime95 stable/no errors for 10
    hours overnight with [email protected] running also.

    My only conclusion is that just before my problem, I flashed
    a picture for the "Vivid BIOS" on the Aopen MB and this must
    have corrupted my BIOS because a reflash (without the
    picture) made everything ok. Here I was thinking I would
    have to get some new memory (which I'm going to get some
    better memory in a few months) since it had all those

    If all else fails, re-flash your BIOS!

    CiRcUiT -=- J. Codling -=-

    *This message represents the official opinions of the voices
    in my head*
    CiRcUiT, Mar 7, 2004
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