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Strange problem with my computer: need help !!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Etienne, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. Etienne

    Etienne Guest

    Hi !

    I have a Athlon 1.2G, 256Mg Ram on Windows ME. I used a compressed
    gas duster to clean all internal parts of my computer (fans,
    motherboard, cd-rom, etc..). Since that event, I've got problem to
    boot on my computer. When the computer is cold, it boot and freeze 10
    sec. after. The monitor's shut down, the disk drive light get always
    on but the drive don't work, everything on the keyboard or on the
    mouse is "close"... and I can't reset from the front switch (I must
    close the power supply). I must do that "game" up to 8 times before
    it runs correctly.

    When the computer past all the step of the opening, i can reload it
    without difficulty. It is like an old car that must get heat before
    getting started... Everything seems to be "ok" (?) until I play a
    game that use a lot of computer ressource and he do the same thing
    like the first opening of the day...

    I was thinking that the power supply was the cause of the problem but
    I try another power supply and the problem still remains...

    Can someone help me please ???? I don't know what to do with that !!

    Thanks !!
    Etienne, Jan 8, 2004
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  2. Etienne

    N. Thornton Guest

    This is not a god idea, as compressed air puts a lot of pressure on
    whatever its directed at. Hence there will be failures at times when
    doing this.

    Regards, NT
    N. Thornton, Jan 9, 2004
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  3. There are a couple of things that might be causing this. Try removing
    and replacing the cables on your hard drive. And also make sure the
    cooling fan on the CPU is properly plugged in and spinning when the
    system is powered up.

    If neither of these work, you might go to my website at
    http://basichardware.50megs.com and click on the downloads link. There
    is a diagnostics program there called Tuff-Test Lite that you can run
    from a floppy disk. Run the full systems diagnostics at least three
    times and see if anything fails. One problem you'll run into with the
    light version is that it only tests a limited amount of RAM and only
    runs full diagnostics on small hard drives. But it should be able to
    detect a chipset issue if you have one.
    Michael Graves, Jan 10, 2004
  4. Etienne

    Mike Guest

    Hi. If you have already checked and verified that your CPU fan is
    still working properly and is properly attached to the CPU/heatsink,
    then you MIGHT have a defective CPU. I also would recommend NOT using
    the compressed gas things anymore. you may have already have damaged
    your hardware, but i do not know for sure.

    Mike, Jan 12, 2004
  5. Etienne

    Werner Guest

    Try another power supply.
    Werner, Jan 12, 2004
  6. removal, where vaccuuming can cause static electricity. I would check
    every conceivable item projecting from the mobo to insure that nothing
    has become separated or broken, such as a jumoer pin,, or
    .....anything! Use your manual for the correct position of pins.

    Michael P Gabriel, Jan 12, 2004
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