Striker Extreme ... anybody know good case that accomondates this board and it's hookups?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by WyleCoyote, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. WyleCoyote

    WyleCoyote Guest

    Is this board use a standard ATX case?

    The manual gives the dimensions but doesn't say it's a
    "standard" ATX board size .... is this an extended ATX board and
    need a case that handles extended ATX?

    WyleCoyote, Feb 24, 2007
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  2. WyleCoyote

    Paul Guest

    The downloadable manual shows the dimensions are 12" x 9.6" and
    there are nine mounting holes. So it is standard ATX size.

    If you download the user manual, and only find six mounting
    holes, then you know it is narrower than standard. A narrow
    motherboard will still mount in a standard ATX case. Just has
    less mechanical support.

    Under 2X magnification, I can see the nine mounting holes here.

    The motherboard is a "bargain" at only $419.99 :-(
    At that price, it should levitate and transmute lead into gold.

    Reviews here:

    Paul, Feb 24, 2007
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  3. WyleCoyote

    Bill Guest

    It can.
    This case will handle it and the dual 8800GTX's in SLI mode that you
    will want to run with it.

    Adequate power supply:

    Bill, Feb 24, 2007
  4. WyleCoyote

    WyleCoyote Guest

    Thx much for the info .........

    WyleCoyote, Feb 24, 2007
  5. WyleCoyote

    John Lewis Guest

    Striker may not yet be ready for prime-time. Google for all of the
    reviews if you have not already purchased. Seems an awful lot to pay
    for the third PCIe16 slot. Might want to look at the latest Gigabyte
    board when available and after a few BIOS updates. See:-

    I personally would wait at least 3 months for all issues with regard
    to BOTH quad-core and dual-core to be fully worked through on these
    so-called quad-core-capable motherboards, before committing to any

    Also with the 45nm Penryn schedule now being advanced by Intel to the

    second half of 2007, with the desktop version available by the end of
    2007 it might be nice to know whether any Penryn-compatible issues
    surface on these latest-generation motherboards, such as yet-another
    change of voltage-regulator design.

    With the prohibitive costs of 65nm quad-core, many people are likely
    to start off with dual-core and then want to migrate to quad-core with
    Penryn -- the 65nm quad-cores are likely to be dropped by Intel very
    quickly ( by Q1 2008 ) in favor of the far more cost-effective (and
    far lower power) Penryn-based solutions. And who wants to pay out for
    another $400 motherboard if it proves to be incompatible with

    Right now, there is a big bunch of unresolved loose ends in PC
    technology at the moment that create a big minefield for those
    upgrading their PC hardware.

    By Fall 2007, many of these issues will have been clarified or
    resolved as follows:-

    The issues:-

    Intel or AMD... is AMD going to bring a surprise to the table with
    their K8L dual and quad-core offerings ? If so, a high level of
    competitive pricing. Should know by July 2007

    nVidia ot ATi.... need to see what ATi brings in terms of Dx10/SM4
    R600 and its derivatives. Also nVidia's second-generation mid and
    low-range 8800-family derivatives. Once R600 is available, will put
    price=pressure on nVidia... Should know by June 2007

    Motherboards, maturity in the Conroe chip-set domain, quad-core issues
    understood and resolved, BIOS maturity, wide competitively-priced
    motherboard choices at the enthusiast-end of the market.. Motherboard
    on-board audio -- directionless at the moment. Also, any early
    indications whether the bleeding-edge new-gen motherboards are likely
    to be forward-compatible with Penryn-base CPUs. The latter should
    become clearer by September 2007.

    Memory, far more competition at the enthusiast end in DDR2 with
    significant resultant price erosion in the 2Gbyte-stick DIMM category.
    On-going. I expect 20-30% price-erosion of the prices of
    enthusiast-level memory by September 2007.

    John Lewis
    John Lewis, Feb 25, 2007
  6. WyleCoyote

    WyleCoyote Guest

    Yes ....... I've read that it apparently has some out of the gate
    issues as you point out which I hope will be resolved with bios and
    related software updates and yes it is expensive, comparatively
    speaking. As for getting screwed on the tech curve .... I always am
    .... every time I go reasonably current. In my younger days I would be
    always waiting for the next best thing(s) that were coming down the
    pike. Now, I try to go in the sweetest price/performance spot every
    6-7 years regardless and forget about it for a while.

    There were a number of coincident things that did it .... arrival of
    a real intel dual core, next gen DDR, DX10 in vista (but not now .. it
    will take them two years to get any decent drivers and all the bugs
    out of that bloated thing), next gen SLI altogether basically at the
    same time said it's time to hit the new system button. Unless the
    board turns out to be an Asus poorly-engineered poorly-manufactured
    piece of shit,

    Thanks for your input and take on things though it is good stuff and I
    appreciate your insights which are certainly good to keep track
    of going forward.
    WyleCoyote, Mar 1, 2007
  7. WyleCoyote

    rmd Guest

    Fits in a coolmater stacker 830.

    8800gtx sli
    4x 500gb seagate raid 0
    1x 150gb wd raptor
    1x sata pioneer 18x dvdr
    1x pata pioneer 16x
    4gb g.skill 4-4-4-12
    E6600 oc 3.4gz
    xfi music extreme
    pinnacle capture card
    800W silverstone psw

    Only problem I found - the firewire connector to front
    of case to the connector on the mainboard is right at
    the bottom back of the case - and it is a very tight fit across
    the xfi soundcard

    It is pretty cool with all the onbard connectors for all 8 fans in the
    case - so no more connections with extensions in spaghetti to molex

    The clear cmos button is very useful when overclocking used
    to be such a pain to reach in and move the jumper and battery on my
    older asus p5nsli You need to be double jointed and have hands the
    size of a barbie doll.


    There is too much blood in my alcohol system
    rmd, Apr 2, 2007
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