Studio XPS 8100 - Front Bezel Lights Not On

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Boris, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Boris

    Boris Guest


    I've got a Studio XPS 8100 whose front bezel lights have never worked
    since I bought the machine in October 2010. When I received the machine,
    I plugged it in, set it up, and noticed that the hard drive light never
    came on, but I just put it back in the closet for another time. I bought
    it because it was a good price with Win7.

    This week, I decided I'd better start using it and banging on it before
    the one year warranty ran out. I noticed that beside the hard light not
    working, the DVD lights do not come on either when I use the drive to
    install applications.

    I've looked at the service manual online, but I don't find anything
    specific as to where the front bezel lights get power. Since these are
    individual components (hard drive, DVD), I'm sort of stumped as to how
    this is even possible.

    Any ideas?

    Boris, Sep 18, 2011
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  2. Boris

    Pen Guest

    Check if the front panel cable is attached to the mobo.
    Pen, Sep 18, 2011
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  3. Boris

    Boris Guest

    I opened up the machine and took off the front panel, and had to remove
    the DVD in order to trace the HD LED wires back to the mother board.
    They were plugged in at the board, and at the other end are soldered to
    the tiny LED leadouts. I was able to scrape back a little of of the
    shrink tubing on the leadouts, and test to see if there was power to the
    light as I loaded Windows and launched apps. My voltmeter showed power,
    but I couldn't view the readings because the digital meter changed from 0
    to very low numbers very fast. But, a continuity check across the two
    leadouts showed no continuity. I suspect the LED is getting power, but
    is dead.

    As far as the DVD lights are concerned, that's a different story. The
    entire DVD is enclosed behind the front panel. On the panel, there's a
    button to press, that mechanically pushes the button on the DVD behind
    it. The front panel door opens, and only the DVD tray slides out. The
    section of the DVD that has the little green light is still obscured by
    the panel. What I thought were DVD lights on the panel button were only
    indentations, I guess made to indicate where to press to open/close the
    DVD. If you take the entire panel off, you can see the DVD light work
    normally. This was just a poor are never able to see the
    DVD lights work on this machine,unless you have the front panel off.

    I'm going to have Dell fix the HD LED, since it doesn't look like I can
    get it out of it's mount. If they'd send me the whole assembly, I'll do
    Boris, Sep 19, 2011
  4. Boris

    Boris Guest

    An update...the Dell contractor finally came out yesterday equipped with
    an entire front panel (wrong color, white instead of black) and the hard
    drive activity light. All I needed was the light. But, once installed,
    the light still didn't work. The tech called back in, and they are now
    sending out a new power supply to try. Go figure. I think this is going
    to be a remove and replace until it works repair job.
    Boris, Oct 1, 2011
  5. Boris

    Boris Guest

    Tech installed new power supply. Hard drive activity light still won't
    work. Neither he nor I thought it would, but Dell seemed confident when
    they dispatched the thing. I said that's enough (don't want to next try
    a refurbished mother board).

    I'm curious though, does the light get it's signal from the mother board,
    or from the hard drive to the mother board and back to the light?
    Boris, Oct 6, 2011
  6. Boris

    Bob_Villa Guest

    M/B to light. On my old 4550 I could never see it working unless the
    room was dark and I was inches away!
    Bob_Villa, Oct 6, 2011
  7. Boris

    Boris Guest

    Thanks, Bob.

    Well, I did try a new SATA cable, and no luck. Funny, though, Dell
    called me and told me they were sending out a new MB, I said I told the
    tech I dind't want to do that, as it may just cause more problems than
    it's worth, and we could just close the ticket. He said he understood,
    and they would 'research' the problem and get back to me. I said fine,
    but as far as I'm concerned, I'm done with it.

    This new 8100 is what I bought to replace my 4550 workhorse, which has
    been, and still is, working fine since I plugged it in in March 2003.
    It's been running 24x7 ever since, but there's new software that won't
    run, or runs slowly on it, that I want to use. I hate to relegate my
    4550 to non-use...I've put it off for over a year (I bought the 8100 a
    year ago, and am just now setting it up).
    Boris, Oct 9, 2011
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