Suggestion for how to work with very large image files over a WAN.

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Lanny Poffo, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. Lanny Poffo

    Lanny Poffo Guest

    Our design studio just acquired another studio which is located in
    another state. I now am challenged with integrating the remote
    designers work projects into our projects, and allowing the remote and
    local designers to work together on these projects. Some of the files
    that are being worked on are quite large, up to and sometimes greater
    than 1 GB.

    All of the designers work with MAC's running OS X, and use photo and
    image manipulation applications and minor video editing (primarily
    image manipulation).

    What is the best approach to get the remote and local designers working

    My initial thoughts would be a shared "Terminal" server similar to what
    is used in Windows using a VNC product:

    But this doesn't seem very robust. Mutli-user Desktop support doesn't
    seem to be very good in Mac's in general based on my research. Is this
    true? Are there other products or solutions that I am not aware that
    allow multiple users to access one server simultaneously which I am not
    aware of?
    The other solution is:

    I could beef up the WAN side and integrate the network via a fast VPN,
    but this may be quite costly, and I'm not sure how it would scale.

    Any advice or suggestions would be MUCH appreciated as I need to get
    something working soon.


    Lanny Poffo, Sep 24, 2005
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  2. Lanny Poffo

    Bob Harris Guest

    The most recent version of OSXvnc has the ability to allow a Mac
    with Fast User Switching and already logged in accounts to be
    served up by OSXvnc from a single Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) system.

    Chicken of the VNC (CotVNC) is the recommended VNC client on Macs.

    NOTE: Despending on the size of the screen being shared, 8 bit,
    16 bit, or 32 bit color transferred, the number of pixels changed
    per update, and the number of people eating bandwidth on your 2
    sight network, you may need a FAT network pipe with good bandwidth
    to make using a VNC solution usable for your users.

    I would suggest an experiment to see if your users find it
    acceptable. If it is not to their tastes, then look for something
    else, unless you know you can add more bandwidth. But then again,
    if you had lots of bandwidth, you would just transfer the files as
    needed, so I guess it is an assumption that paying for a FAT pipe
    is out of the question. Kind of a Catch-22 :)

    But this still might be a workable tool for minor sharing/viewing
    of remote work.

    Hopefully your 2 sites have secure connections between them, but
    if they don't OSXvnc and CotVNC can be used via an ssh tunnel.

    Bob Harris
    Bob Harris, Sep 26, 2005
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