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Suggestions for a max hard drive size for an older Compaq portable

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by gregg dot drwho8 altsign gmail dot com, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Hello!
    I have here a Compaq Portable 3. Its a plasma display screen based
    individual with currently a 21M hard disk drive. Factory installed I
    should also add. It's also using an 80286 and behaves something like
    their original Deskpro family of machines who were similary configured,
    except for the display. (Those were largely CRTs).

    I'd like to install a larger IDE based disk drive. Something over the
    21M size that it came with. (Especially since I do not know if this
    machine came with the first generation of the laptop type 2.5 drives,
    or was it an original IDE drive.) However I need some advice.

    Also does anyone know who Compaq now HP, assigned that model and his
    relatives to, when they discontinued the line? Be that as it may,
    there's an add on board who contains the upper memory that AT class
    machines enjoy, and a second serial port, typically its a modem. And of
    course I'd like a few accessory that the thing also came with like a
    docking station, and other things.
    gregg dot drwho8 altsign gmail dot com, Aug 16, 2006
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  2. Ah, Google............

    According to the text part (next to the pretty pictures of a Compaq Portable III)
    at http://oldcomputers.net/compaqiii.html , that machine originally shipped with
    either a 20 or 40 meg HD.

    According to the PDF file http://oldcomputers.net/compaqiii.pdf (about half-way
    down, just before the links for the set-up disks you'll need to access the BIOS),
    you could install (with various disclaimers):

    20 MB "type 2"
    40 MB "type 17, 22 or 43"
    84 MB "type 27"
    100 MB "type 45"
    120 MB "type 45"

    This page http://saul.pointclark.net/m/C-D/32736.htm , part of a few "Total Hardware 99"
    sites on the net, shows the board, jumpers, settings, and CN6 (an *IDE* interface), so
    larger "standard" HDs are 100% guaranteed to maybe work.

    Here's a couple of places that might be even more help:



    Want another one? Already has a 40MB type 43 HD in it.
    You've got until about noon today, Eastern time.

    A $20 one with 100MB listed here:

    Okay, that's enough. Now go do some some searching yourself!. :)
    MasterBlaster, Aug 16, 2006
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  3. gregg dot drwho8 altsign gmail dot com

    gfretwell Guest

    You are probably more limited by the operating system you can run than
    anything else. I would say 2g is a practical limit. There is
    partitioning and dynamic overlay software that will allow you to
    install larger drives than the BIOS will handle. You can make
    multipole 2g partitions to get past the OS problems.
    I am running MP3 players on DOS 6.3 with 6 g drives but that has 3
    Usually hard drives were shipped with Ontrack Disk Manager or MaxBlast
    that gave you the BIOS extension. Look on the manufacturer's web site
    for a copy.
    gfretwell, Aug 16, 2006
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