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Suitability of E4500 based solutions?

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by John White, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. John White

    John White Guest

    I'm searching for a new home for a small Informix DB + ERP application
    which, to date, has resided on an Ultra AxMP based machine (no 420r
    when I was last in the market). The next iteration of our ERP no
    longer uses Informix application tools, but is split out onto a
    separate Java application server. Through an oddity in Informix
    licensing (we're using the workgroup addition), we're not allowed to
    use more than 2 CPUs for the DB server. Fine, since the application
    logic doesn't need to be on the same machine.

    After seeing the variety of refurb Sun equipment in the marketplace,
    and the pricing, I tought I'd ask the community about the suitability
    of using a E4500 server for this purpose. My understanding is that it
    has the ability to divide it's processing into domains? My thought
    was to put my DB server on one with it's 2 CPU limit and my
    application server on another.

    When I mean suitability, I guess I'm talking about:

    1) the general availability of parts from third party support
    providers (since Sun EOL'd the E4500 on 1/2003)

    2) actual useability of multiple domains on this class of system

    3) whether a system like this will stand up for five years or so
    (parts and support). Until I can buy a $100K+ SF server for under
    $20K. :) I should be in a similar boat as a person who bought a new
    4500 in January, right?
    John White, Jul 25, 2003
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  2. John White

    Dave Chu Guest

    An E4500 does not have a hardware domainimg capability.

    As far as 5 year support, that is somewhat of a guess. There is
    a Sun commitment to stock parts for 3 years after EOL. There
    are a lot of E4500's, E5500's, and E6500's out there so I would guess that
    there will be canabilizable parts for a long time.
    The hardware in a E4500 is intrinsically better than the hardware in a U60,
    E220 or E420 which are your other choices for a 2 processor
    UltraSPARC II generation machine, but a 2 processor E4500 would
    have the same generation processors except for the larger level 2 caches,
    so the capacities will be very similar.

    Dave Chu
    Dave Chu, Jul 25, 2003
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  3. probably, but expensive.
    Nobody bought a 4500 new in january. Try to get a V240 if really tight on
    budget or a RFB V880. All Current and much faster systems. Service much
    much cheaper aswell.,

    Fredrik Lundholm, Jul 25, 2003
  4. 1) the general availability of parts from third party support
    It may be a better idea to get a hardware maintenance contract from a
    third party support provider for an E4500. That way you do not have
    to worry about the availability of the parts and there is a fixed cost
    per year that can be budgeted.

    The hardware maintenance contracts from third party providers cost a
    fraction of the SunSpectrum contracts. sunhw.com has a list of 22
    third party hardware maintenance companies. sunhw.com can email your
    quote request for a service contract for an E4500 to many of the third
    party providers and you can find out what it would cost to get an
    E4500 contract. Please visit:

    Please note that sunhw.com also has a list of over 60 companies that
    sell used and new Sun systems. We can also email your quote request
    for an E4500 to 35 vendors of Sun equipment.


    3PHW.com LLC

    WEB: http://www.3phw.com
    Third Party Hardware, Jul 27, 2003
  5. 3) whether a system like this will stand up for five years or so
    The V240s are not shipping because of a problem with the Ethernet
    ports. Does anyone know when they are scheduled to ship:


    We have been checking prices of V880s and even the refurbished
    equipment is quite expensive. A used V880 with 4x900 MHz CPUs and 4GB
    RAM is about $40K.
    This person would like to spend less than $20K (I realize that his DB
    server has a two CPU limit).

    Just the CPU board for a V880 with 2x900MHz CPUs and 4GB or RAM is
    $23,000 list from Sun. These reburbished boards sell for about

    If you know where to find really inexpensive V880s please let me know
    ( I already posted an article about V880 online prices ).


    3PHW.com LLC

    WEB: http://www.sunhw.com
    Third Party Hardware, Jul 27, 2003
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