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SUN Fire v20z BIOS update problem

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by gmonge, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. gmonge

    gmonge Guest

    Hi all.

    After 6 successful SP and BIOS update on other v20z, I've tried to
    update an SUN Fire v20z BIOS (after the SP update) and now it doesn't

    I followed this thread:

    I did follow all the steps, but it seems that my BIOS was completely

    This is the output of the command "inventory get all":
    Name Revision Install Date Description
    SP Value-Add V2.4.0.20 Mon Apr 27 17:22:17 2009 SP Value-Add Software
    SP Base V2.4.0.20 Mon Apr 27 17:22:17 2009 SP Base Software

    Name Type OEM Manufacture Date
    Hardware Revision Part #
    CPU 0 DIMM 0 memory ce00000000000000 2004-05-20
    5345 M3 12L6420ETS-CA2
    CPU 0 DIMM 1 memory ce00000000000000 2004-05-13
    5345 M3 12L6420ETS-CA2
    CPU 0 DIMM 2 memory ce00000000000000 2004-12-09
    5345 M3 12L6420ETS-CA2
    CPU 0 DIMM 3 memory ce00000000000000 2005-05-21
    5345 M3 12L6420ETS-CA2
    DDR 0 VRM memvrm S-SCI448 2005-12-08
    A01 S01479
    CPU 0 VRM vrm S-SCI448 2005-12-17
    A01 S02325
    CPU 1 DIMM 0 memory ce00000000000000 2005-02-19
    5345 M3 12L6420ETS-CA2
    CPU 1 DIMM 1 memory 2cffffffffffffff 2003-08-20
    0000 18VDDT6472G-26AC0
    DDR 1 VRM memvrm S-SCI448 2005-12-20
    A01 S01479
    CPU 1 VRM vrm S-SCI448 2005-12-17
    A01 S02325
    PIC frontpanel NA
    Motherboard planar S-SCI448 2005-12-21
    A05 S03904
    PRS Software os 2009-04-27 97.0
    Power supply power ACBEL 2005-06-24
    A-01 S01899
    SCSI backplane scsi_backplane S-SCI448 2005-12-10
    A02 S01194

    When I try to update the BIOS, this is what I get every time:
    localhost $ platform set os state update-bios /mnt/nsv-v20z-
    This command may take several minutes. Please be patient.
    Bios started
    Error. The operation timed out.
    localhost $

    The SP is OK. I can connect via SSH and all. I just can't force a BIOS
    I've tried pretty much everything, including copying the bios.sp to
    the SP's /tmp, factory resets, clear CMOS, ...
    When I power on the server with a monitor, no image is shown on the
    screen, not even an error code.

    I wonder if anyone could give some hints on how to solve this.

    Thanks in advance,
    Luis Monge.
    gmonge, Apr 28, 2009
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