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Sunblade 2000 CPU torque driver

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by Huge, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Huge

    Huge Guest

    Anyone got one they'd be prepared to lend/sell me? It's missing from my machine.

    I'm in the UK.

    I can't sing, I ain't good looking and my legs are thin.
    [email me at huge {at} huge (dot) org <dot> uk]
    Huge, Dec 8, 2008
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  2. Huge

    DoN. Nichols Guest

    On 2008-12-08, Huge <> wrote:
    > Anyone got one they'd be prepared to lend/sell me? It's missing from my machine.
    > I'm in the UK.

    Oh -- I just posted advising that you remove and re-install the
    CPUs in your SB-2K to (possibly) deal with your power-up problem.

    Avoid the wire loop type of torque drivers, as it is not as

    If you can't find the Sun one locally, consider getting one of
    the Utica torque drivers and setting it to 5 inch-pounds. You'll need
    one of the Robertson (square) driver bits to fit the screws.

    If you get the TS-100 torque screwdriver (black anodized), since
    it reads in inch-ounces (or ounce-inches as you prefer), set it to 80 to
    get your 5 inch-pounds.

    If you get the TS-30 torque screwdriver (red anodized), set it
    to one division below the bottom of the scale (since it has a nominal
    range of 6-30 inch-lbs (or lb-in as Utica seems to prefer.)

    Both sizes use 1/4" (6.35mm) hex screwdriver bits.

    BTW Are you sure that you don't have one at all? I know that Sun
    stopped shipping the screwdrivers with the later SB-2K machines,
    but the SB-1k and earlier SB-2k machines have them hidden in
    different places.

    When Sun stopped supplying them with the systems, they started
    including one with each new CPU module sold -- so if you can find
    someplace which has upgraded older systems, they may have several

    For the old style (the wire loop), look for a green plastic
    piece with the Sun logo between the two internal disk drive slots. If
    you find that, pull it out and you will find a bent piece of
    chrome-plated steel wire clipped into the underside. This is the
    earlier torque screwdriver, and it supposedly reaches full required
    torque just as the two ends of the loop touch while applying force to
    the middle of the arm sticking out.

    For the old style, look in the section of the chassis where the
    DVD-ROM drive, the (possible) floppy drive, and the (possible) smart
    card reader are mounted. It is a dayglo green to match the ring around
    the holes in the CPU jackscrew knobs. There is a cradle into which it
    slips which is the same green.

    Try an eBay search with the string "Utica torque screwdriver*".

    I find several of the TS-30 units, asking $95.00 (USD) each with
    the first to close being 270301058039. Apparently, all of these are the
    same vendor.

    Also, there is the TS-100, at a more reasonable $50.00 (USD) in
    auction #230312631474. It looks like a very nice deal -- especially
    compared with finding the prices from commercial dealers. (I never paid
    news price for any of mine.)

    There is a TS-35 blue anodized handle -- but I don't know the
    range of that, so I can't suggest it. Besides, it is at the same $95.00
    (USD) as the TS-30s, so there is no benefit to getting the TS-35.

    O.K. There is another TS-35 which *does* list the range, and
    you would use it at the same 1 division below the bottom of the scale
    (6 in-lbs). And it is being offered for a starting bid of $35.99.

    Be careful to not stray form the models shown, because some of
    them being offered are preset to a single torque, and the odds are that
    it would be a wrong torque.

    Hmm ... what does *Sun* ask for the torque wrench?

    Good Luck,

    Email: <> | Voice (all times): (703) 938-4564
    (too) near Washington D.C. | http://www.d-and-d.com/dnichols/DoN.html
    --- Black Holes are where God is dividing by zero ---
    DoN. Nichols, Dec 9, 2008
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