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Sunfire 280R fastly blows PGX64 after the NIC

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by vesely, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. vesely

    vesely Guest

    Hi gurus!

    Not much of an HW expert, I used to be the happy owner
    of a 280R equipped with a PGX64 card connected to an
    old 20" Sun via an HD15 to DB13W3 cable adapter. That
    stuff has been woking all right for three years, until I
    decided to add a second NIC.

    I brought the system down, installed an hme FastEthernet
    card and made a reconfiguration boot. After 30 minutes
    or so the screen played funny colors and the system

    I rebooted the system and verified that the PGX64 did
    not pass the test. The crash apparently occurred after
    a bus error in the driver. Perhaps I didn't install the latest
    patches and 3 years is about the average life of a graphic
    card? I bought another PGX64 card, replaced it in the same
    PCI slot (#2) and rebooted without reconfiguring devices.
    It worked perfectly... for two weeks. :-(

    Again, the screen turned black and went in stand-by. I tried
    a couple of PC screens and they cannot sync and turn off,
    just like the Sun screen. I haven't yet run a card test (as X
    is still up and I hope I'll find out how to save a file I was
    editing) but it seems obvious that the second PGX64 has
    gone for good as well.

    The new NIC card is in PCI#3, between the PGX64 and
    the RSC. They are near, but do not touch one another.
    PCI#1 (66Mhz) is empty. I weared wrist strips. There are
    filtering UPSes on both power inlets. Both NICs work fine.

    What is happening?

    Is there something I overlooked? Any clue?

    Can someone confirm that such PCI slots configuration
    is fine and there are no incompatibilities between the two

    Many thanks in advance for any response.
    vesely, Feb 3, 2006
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