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Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by Bill Green, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Bill Green

    Bill Green Guest

    What speed memory does the SunPCI II take? I know it needs 144
    pin SO-DIMMS, but I can't find what speed it needs anywhere. I
    assume it's probably 133 MHz but I'd like to know for sure.

    Is there's a way to test whether the board is good without
    any RAM in it? The generous person who owned this machine
    before me decided to keep the card's memory for themselves,
    and as more than a few of the other system components have
    proven faulty I'm a little wary of spending $50 on memory for
    a card that might not work in the first place. When it's
    installed sunpci -l sees it fine, but I don't know whether
    that proves anything.

    Bill Green, Apr 4, 2006
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  2. I may have a 64MB module doing nothing I could give to you. Email me in
    the address below.

    About the speed, http://www.sun.com/desktop/products/sunpci/faq.html
    says t is 100MHz. However, when I ordered mine (I need to look up where
    I got it), it came as 133MHz and has been working quite happily ever
    since, and I maxed it out at 512MB BTW.

    Out of curiosity, which OS are you going to run it on? Sol10 needs a
    bit of massage, but it is easy. That is what I use.
    Mauricio Tavares, Apr 24, 2006
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