supermicro 8xst3-f xeon 5570 for NAS drives not shown

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by ws1960, Mar 14, 2021.

  1. ws1960


    Mar 14, 2021
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    hello, i have a NAS build with this board and my drives are not recognized in the BIOS and windows 10 will not install. i have tried reformatting them from GTP to the other one. i think there a sas controller i need to config or a jumper on the board? all drives are new (2 4T iron wolf HHD 2x 500mb ssd Samsung evo, ). no drives are listed in bios which is very old its from 2005 i think. the cpu is a xeon x5570 4 core 8thead with 12g eec ram . so i was hoping it would all boot with windows and i have tried other OS s too. ubuntu freenas trunas and i had a variety of glitches, as am learning as i go. i am all self taught .
    ws1960, Mar 14, 2021
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