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Discussion in 'Supermicro' started by , Sep 24, 2003.

  1. Guest

    I have a multi-threaded application that I am running on a P4 2.8ghz HT
    where I am just about out of CPU resources. Anyone have any particular
    recommendations for a dual XEON Supermicro motherboard, including
    vendors that are not price gouging for these boards?

    The config I am looking for is 2.6 ghz Dual Xeon, 2GB non-ECC (cheaper
    than ECC). If I can I would rather not spend hundreds of dollars on a
    Supermicro case if possible and just buy a $50 INWIN special and equip
    it with a few fans. Anyone else able to get away with a low end case
    without having heat dissipation problems with these dual Xeon boards?
    , Sep 24, 2003
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  2. Guest

    The application, Mnogosearch is a web based search engine software for
    Linux. My configuration uses Mysql 4.0, a cache Word index which is
    divided into 8192 files and a compressed storage document database
    (several hundred thousand files, 1gb in size). I compile it with gcc on
    my Linux 2.4.20 kernel.

    My performance bottlenecks are with mysql and cache database index
    updates eat all my CPU resources. I also lose a little bit of time in
    disk search as it searches the cache database files. Therefore I am
    thinking 60gb SCSI likely would be better than the current ATA-100 IDE
    controller. I am trying to do this as cheap as possible therefore
    single drive and no raid.

    No AGP needed, and a simple old 8mb video would suffice.
    This is good to know.

    Thx Ed.
    , Sep 25, 2003
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  3. Guest

    Thanks for the info. It looks like Supermicro is going to be out of my
    price range even though it seems to be the way to go for a server mb. I
    may even take a look at AMD multi processors at this point to open up a
    whole new can of worms.

    I found Asus to have a new dual XEON PC-DL for $212 but advertises it
    for the power user. A dual XEON is a dual XEON so not sure if that makes
    much of difference that I am using it as an application server.

    If anyone has any recommendations....?
    , Sep 25, 2003
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