SY-6BA+ 100

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by abebe alimuz, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. abebe alimuz

    abebe alimuz Guest

    I used to have a 6VBA 133 MB that I disabled trying to flush the BIOS.
    I am sure some of you have exprienced the same pain. I have an intel
    733MHz slot1 processor and a replacement MB was impossible to find for
    it now. So I got a used SY-6BA+ 100 instead. My problem now is it is
    not reporting the correct size of SDRAM PC 133 Module, (for example
    instead of 394 from a 256 and a 128, it counts only 260. I read on the
    manual at SOYO and it says it deos support 133. Is there any jumper
    or setup I have to do? Deos it really support the PC133 module at all?

    thank you.

    abebe alimuz
    abebe alimuz, Nov 5, 2003
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