SY-KT400 Platinum - random halt

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by Frank, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. Frank

    Frank Guest

    I am running a SY-KT400 Platinum with AMD 2100+ in a desktop case. How hot
    can it get before it shuts off. I am running about 55 degrees C. 512Mb
    Memory, one hard drive, one SONY DVD RW, Radeon 7000 AGP, modem. About once
    a week, the machine shuts down with one long loud beep that does not shut
    off until it is turned on again. Is this a heat problem or something else?
    Anybody know?
    Frank, Oct 30, 2003
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  2. Per Soyo website support:

    Article Number S1170

    I get one long High Pitched tone. It does not stop until I disconnect the
    power supply.

    1. check if the CPU fan is connected to the CPUFAN1 connector (For K7and P4
    M/B only)
    2. the CPU might be overheating. Change the CPU FAN or check if the CPU fan
    is in proper contact with the CPU.
    3. clear CMOS battery (JP5), be sure to set JP5 back to 1-2 position. (see
    Quick start guide/ user manual for more info on how to clear the CMOS)
    4. make sure the power supply you have on your system support the M/B
    specification. Example. If you have a P4 M/B, you need to use an ATX v2.03
    specification power supply. (power supply that have an extra 4-pin square
    5. if you already checked the power supply specification, change the power
    supply it might be defective.
    6. disable FOC (Fan-Off Control) function under "PC Health Status" in BIOS.
    7. remove the M/B from the case and test the system. The M/B might be
    shorted to the case.
    Erik the Bold, Oct 30, 2003
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  3. Frank

    Woobie Guest

    The fatcory fan for the Athlon is crap. Mine- out of the box- only did 2200
    rpm. I replaced the fan with a fan that goes 5500 rpm. My temp went from 55
    C to 39 C.
    Woobie, Nov 10, 2003
  4. Frank

    David Suwala Guest

    Agree with the factory fan being crap. I installed the ThermalTake
    Volcano 9 (4800 rpm, 8 cm diameter) in its place. I may have gone
    over the hill with the rest of my cooling arrangements. 2 intake fans
    in front, one of which cools the 4 SATA drives in my RAID array. 1
    intake fan on the side of the case. 2 outflow fans on the back
    besides the one cooling the PS. AND...I moved my computer down to the
    unheated basement where the temps in the summer are more bearable for
    the computer and for me. Right now, February, the Athlon 2400+ is
    running 28°C. This computer runs 24/7 to host my website and never
    locks up anymore.
    David Suwala, Feb 18, 2004
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