SY-KT400 Ultra Platinum Geforcefx 5900 ultra 256mb 8x agp

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by dirtyharry62, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. dirtyharry62

    dirtyharry62 Guest

    SY-KT400 Ultra Platinum

    Graphics Card:
    BFGTech Geforcefx 5900 256mb

    Corsair XMS series 512mb ddr2700

    Power Supply:
    Antech 350wt

    I just installed the card listed above, and have read about how others
    are having problems with sy-kt400 ultra platinum and 8x agp. The
    problem I'm having is, when I play any kind of new 3d game, the game
    will stall out maybe after 5 or ten minutes of playing. I used to have
    a geforce 3 ti200 that worked flawlessly, and as soon as I intalled
    the new card I immediately started having problems. Also, when I power
    down for the night and turn the computer on in the morning, the system
    will make the first normal beep, then a second, followed immediately
    by two short beeps. The system then will not post. However, if I turn
    the machine off, then back on again the computer posts fine, but I
    still have problems running high end games like Unreal .This never
    happened before. I have even tried switching the agp voltage from 1.5
    to 1.6, which really hasn't seemed to help. Has anyone had the same
    problem? Any Suggestions? Could it be that the card is drawing too
    much power for my power supply to handle? Any suggestions would be
    greatly appreciated.
    dirtyharry62, Dec 22, 2003
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  2. dirtyharry62

    dave Guest

    For openers: did you change any bios settings? Have you checked the
    memory for errors? Set the memory for spd and the bus speeds to auto.
    Disable fast writes, it should work. Set system performance to normal.
    I had to throw out 1 g of Corsair memory. 11 bad sticks in the last
    dave, Dec 23, 2003
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  3. I would suggest undersized power supply and/or bad memory.
    Have you run memtest ?

    I've had zero problems with this board using Ti4600 AGP8x
    with 420w PS and Crucial memory
    Erik the Bold, Dec 23, 2003
  4. dirtyharry62

    farmuse Guest

    reload 4 in 1, reload video driver of choice. I had to run my 9500
    at 1.6v, and ALL settings are manual, not auto. to each his own, but
    manual setting work best for me on this motherboard. sometimes mine
    doesnt post, but I hit reset and it does fine. 350w PS, so that may be
    the culprit. esp if overclocking, you can run into all sorts of screwy
    sht, so take that into consideration ;-)
    farmuse, Dec 25, 2003
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