SY-KT880 AMD 3200+ - False Temp readings - Turn on problems - BIOS settings not sticking

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by Tony Heslington, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Soyo KT880 Mobo
    AMD 3200+ CPU (Not a fake)
    1Gb Mem (2x512)
    2x80Gb WD sata hd's (raid)
    wxp sp2
    New Enermax Power supply 400w

    I have power on/reset issues with the mobo. I'll push the power button and
    the computer will not turn on. It will try but just turn off. I'll try a
    few more times and eventually it will come on.

    I have installed the 'smart gaurdian' software from soyo's webpage and it is
    reporting the cpu temp as 18c when the bios lists on die temp as 53c

    I have found when I change some bios settings and save them the computer
    turns off. When I return to the bios I find things have changed. For
    example I turned on the pretty soyo boot screen and choose save bios
    settings. The PC turned off. I turned the pc on and had the turn on
    issues... After a few tries it turned on and when i enter the bios I found
    the ALI raid tool which I previously had disabled was suddenly enabled.

    Anyone, anything? Should I just assume Soyo canned all there mobe staff
    some time ago and I am SOL..... My KT600 ultra is doing so well, it had no
    such problems with the same cpu & ram and is running fine with a 2400+ cpu
    right now. If I don't turn the machine off it is fine.

    No bios updates at all on there webpages..........

    Please help!
    Tony Heslington, Dec 7, 2005
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  2. Well I think I solved my own problem.

    (Did some reading in soyo knowledge base and found reference to fan speed &
    using certain fans.)

    Well I am using a coolmaster heatsink which has a large fan on it. I
    purchased the fan becaues it was quite.....

    I plugged the AMD heatsink fan into cpufan1 and my still attached coolmaster
    heatsink w/fan into cpufan2.

    Reboot power off problem gone. BIOS change power problem gone. Incorrect
    CPU temp reading... Still flakey, on a previous boot it was correct however
    it is now reading 13c.
    Tony Heslington, Dec 7, 2005
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  3. Tony Heslington

    uddarts Guest

    i use motherboard5 to monitor temps and the like. you will have to
    manually set it for the proper sensors.

    cpu: sis950ate8705f-2

    chipset: lm90 local

    case: lm90 remote

    i think we’re gonna be stuck with the bios we have. the changing
    settings originate in the soyo combo/sys perf & oc section. either
    stay out of there or make your changes there first. then go and reset
    what ever spontaneously changes.

    uddarts, Dec 13, 2005
  4. Tony Heslington

    MHz Tweaker Guest

    I see I'm not the only one with a KT880 that disables things in the
    Combo and USB settings. This would be a great board if the BIOS wasn't
    so F'd up. I suppose it's fine if you never reboot or turn your power
    off. I bought this board because of price and the number of HD
    connectors. Overall I'm pleased, but would not recommend that anyone
    else buy it. Most people probably would not put up with it and return
    the board. Hello Soyo!!!!

    MHz Tweaker, Jan 8, 2006
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