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Discussion in 'Soyo' started by indiana guy, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. indiana guy

    indiana guy Guest

    I am trying to get this board up and running and keep getting an acpi
    error. I have tried upgrading the bios, clearing the cmos and tried
    different variations on what drivers I install. Here is what I am
    trying to install.

    Windows xp pro
    2 sata hd 80gig each
    2.4 p4 800mhz
    msi fx5600 8x
    crucial 512 memory

    right now I have the hd on sata 2and 3 no raid setup ( but have tried
    raid as well on sata3and 4). I have tried support but all they are
    able to tell me is to clear the cmos. The blue screen stop error is

    any help would greatly appreciated
    indiana guy, Jan 17, 2004
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  2. indiana guy

    Jim B. Guest

    You said you tried upgrading the BIOS, did it update? Was the update
    completed or did it fail. If it failed during the flash you may have
    damaged the files. If so you may need either to buy a new BIOS chip or
    send it out for reprograming. Why did you try to upgrade the BIOS? The
    latest BIOS file only added RAID-1 support for the ICH5R chip.

    Now if the flash was completed properly you do need to clear CMOS and
    then re-enter the BIOS and reset all the settings. Did you go to
    SOYO's web page and download the latest drivers for the board. Some
    were shipped with the wrong SOYO CD and do not contain the proper
    drivers for the motherboard.

    On setup for WinXP Pro. In the Soyo Combo section of the BIOS did you
    go into the On Chip Devices section and set IDE1,2/SATA1,2 to IDE +
    SATA. Then go down to ***Onchip Serial ATA Settings*** to make sure it
    was set to SATA and On Chip Serial ATA was set to enabled.

    Did you load the Intel_iaa files on a floppy drive for installation
    during WinXP setup. You will need these to use the SATA function on
    this board. If you don't have the proper SOYO CD you must dowload this
    driver from the SOYO web site.

    Your boot order for installing WinXP should be:
    First Boot Device set to CDROM
    Second Boot Device set to IDE1/SATA1

    You will be promted by WinXP to hit the F-6 key to install third party
    scsi/raid drivers. You do need to hit this key even though your not
    using RAID. Have the floppy disk ready becuase you will be asked to
    inset it later during the installation. At that point it will ask you
    to insert the disk and hit the S key then you will have to pick the
    WinXP driver and hit enter to continue.
    That should get you through the setup of WinXP.

    If you want to use the Silicon Image SATA controller you will need to
    have the drivers for it on a floppy disk and follow the same
    installation process as above. The other change you would need to make
    is in the boot order for the motherboard with the second boot device
    now listed as SCSI/RAID. This would need to be done to just use it as
    a non RAID controller.

    The biggest thing we need to know is about the BIOS flash. If it was
    good or not.
    Jim B., Jan 17, 2004
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  3. indiana guy

    indiana guy Guest

    Thanks for the help.....

    Yes the bios update was succesful.....
    I tried using the drivers from soyo to make sure that I have the
    correct ones.
    I would like to set this board as a non raid setup, so I have the hds
    installed on sata1and 2 during setup I set the bios as directed the
    on-chip serial ata shows enhanced mode (which is un-changeable) and
    the sata1and 2 show master, when prompted I loaded the intel_Iaa
    floppy files and when the files were loaded anmd windows was getting
    ready to be started I got the old famous blue screen stating page
    fault in nonpaged area and the problem seems to be caused by the file
    acpi.sys. I upgraded the bios because i was directed to by soyo.
    Thanks again for your help it really is appreciated
    indiana guy, Jan 18, 2004
  4. indiana guy

    Hodinix Guest

    Hi Indiana,

    CMOS clear has to be long, soyo recommends 10 Seconds, don't forget to
    unplug the PC from power.

    In the BIOS, disable every device that you don't need(USB,
    Network)don't have to disconnected it, just disable it.
    System speed should be set to NORMAL.
    I'm sure your RAM is build to work at 2.6Volt, since Soyo does not
    have "2.6" set it manually at 2.7Volt.
    Try to install XP and let everybody know if it worked.

    best regards
    Hodinix, Jan 19, 2004
  5. indiana guy

    indiana guy Guest

    Well I think I have finally fixed the problem....I found out that my
    Memory was bad I replaced it with a new one and it went great and
    seems to be running great as well. However I noticed that under system
    information it shows that I have 2 cpu, should I worry about this or
    is there a way to correct?

    Thanks again for everyone's help
    indiana guy, Feb 6, 2004
  6. indiana guy

    Jim B. Guest

    Your 2 cpu's are the Hyper Threading property's of your P-4 800Mhz
    processor. This allows some software that can support Hyper Threading
    to run faster but can slow some other programs down. You can disable
    Hyper Threading support in you BIOS under Advanced BIOS Features, just
    set MPS Version Control to 1.1 save and exit. You do not need to
    change it unless you see some programs running unusually slow.

    Jim B., Feb 6, 2004
  7. indiana guy

    indiana guy Guest

    Thanks Jim for all your help I really appreciate it
    indiana guy, Feb 7, 2004
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