SY-P4I Fire Dragon Hard Drive Size Limit

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by BigSky, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. BigSky

    BigSky Guest

    Does anyone know if the Fire Dragon will support hard drives larger than
    137GB? I'm interested in getting a 160 GB hard drive. I have never
    upgraded the bios on my Fire Dragon. I was told it only added some changes
    for the High Point RAID controller.

    BigSky, Jul 4, 2004
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  2. BigSky

    Jim B. Guest

    With a BIOS update the Fire Dragon will support the larger than 137GB
    hard drives. You will need at least BIOS version P4I_2BA2 in order to
    use the 160 gig hard drive.

    This BIOS update also updates the firmware on the Highpoint controller
    so if you use the Highpoint controller or plan to later you will also
    need to update the Highpoint controller to version 2.23 before you
    flash your BIOS (if currently using) or when you go to use it.

    BIOS P4I_2BA3 is the newest version for the board and will give you
    everything that 2BA2 does plus it fixes a problem with Celeron L2

    But beware, if you have never flashed a BIOS here is Soyos warning:
    Updating your BIOS constitutes a risk! If flashing goes wrong, it may
    render your motherboard unbootable thus requiring you to send your
    motherboard or BIOS chip in for re-flashing (RMA).

    If you have never flashed a BIOS file and don't want to take this risk
    you can buy a new BIOS chip for like $26 (includes shipping) from already programed with the BIOS file you wish to
    have. Changing the chip is simple and eliminates the risk of the flash
    going wrong. There is also a place that runs ads in this forum called
    ICE that does the same thing as badflash does.
    Jim B., Jul 5, 2004
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