SY-P4I865PE Plus DRAGON 2 v1.0

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by SteveL, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. SteveL

    SteveL Guest

    I have just built my system with this board, specs are:
    MB above, P4 2.4C/400/256, 512 DDR400 which runs at 266mhz, 40gb maxtor
    hd. I have updated all drivers, service packs (WinXP home) my only
    problem is I have no sound, device manager shows no errors, event
    viewer no errors. I have tried other speakers and they do not work on
    this board, both sets of speakers do work. I duplicated the drive with
    another drive before rebuild, because I wanted to do a repair in XP
    instead of re-install, my problem with this was that the repair changed
    my drive letter from C: to D: so none of my installed apps wont work.
    Any ideas, I am about to just go and bye a new audio card.
    SteveL, Jan 27, 2005
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  2. SteveL


    First a P-4 2.4C /400/256? A P-4 2.4C run's at 800Mhz so your FSB
    should be set to 200Mhz. So please explain the /400/256. On your sound
    if you have the sound enabled in the BIOS and the driver loaded with
    the device manager showning no errors for the sound, have you made sure
    you have the speakers plugged in correctly and that your using speakers
    with there own power supply? Some manuals for Soyo have shown in the
    past the wrong plug for the speakers and some that use two sets of
    speakers required you to go into the sound software program and switch
    it to use two sets of speakers, which when done requires the second set
    of speakers to be plugged into the mic output.
    , Jan 27, 2005
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  3. SteveL

    SteveL Guest

    Thanks for your answer, Yes the processor is correct P4 2.4C (celeron)
    400 mhz FSB 256K L2 cache.
    I have been working with computers since 1983, I am A+/Network
    certified, MCSE, CCNE, CNE (novell). The speakers work on another
    computer fine. They where pluged in to the green port or audio out. I
    did find an article @ Soyo about a jumper J5 i think, I had to do a
    search on all products no sound. I guess they do not cross refernce
    there KB.

    Thanks again
    SteveL, Jan 27, 2005
  4. SteveL


    Then you should know that the only Celeron processors that have the
    256K L2 cache are the Celeron D and its a 533Mhz processor. There are 3
    2.4Ghz Celerons that operate at 400Mhz and they are the SL6VU, SL6XG
    and the SL6W4. All of which have a 128kb cache size.

    There is only one Celeron that has the 256Kb L2 cache and that is the
    Celeron D 320 BX80546RE2400C boxed unit or RK80546RE056256 oem unit.

    As to your speakers, like I said some manuals list the speaker output
    as the green plug, its even listed as that in the C-Media Audio
    Configuration Panel. As mine does but the acutal speaker output is the
    blue plug when used with only two speakers. When used with four
    speakers the front speakers are the blue plug, rear are the red plug
    and they must be activated in the C-Media 3D Audio Configuration Panel.
    Also your speakers must be self powered speakers.

    Jumper J5 on your motherboard is the Clear CMOS jumper.
    I'm also A+ certified
    , Jan 28, 2005
  5. SteveL

    Ken Marsh Guest

    In article <>,
    SteveL <> wrote:
    #Thanks for your answer, Yes the processor is correct P4 2.4C (celeron)
    #400 mhz FSB 256K L2 cache.

    Correct? Really?

    "P4", by any measure, means Pentium IV. Celeron means "not a Pentium
    IV". P4C means a Northwood core Pentium IV. I guess 2.4C could mean
    Celeron, or whatever you want it to mean. People usually avoid that
    notation because of the possible confusion. A 2.4GHz Celeron could have
    a Williamette core or the newer "E" core (Prescot). I haven't heard of
    a Northwood core Celeron, but anything is possible.

    You don't have 400MHz FSB on your Celeron, unless you have achieved some
    record overclocking. You have what is known as 400FSB, which clocked at
    200MHz but transfers data at double that rate.

    #I have been working with computers since 1983, I am A+/Network
    #certified, MCSE, CCNE, CNE (novell).

    Washington State gov't got it right, where it is illegal to use the term
    "Engineer" unless one has the Profession Engineer credentials to back it
    up. Why the folks in Redmond who run the only "University" that does not
    award PhD's (or Bachelor's for that matter) continue to abuse the word
    "Engineer" is beyond me. Ditto Cisco.

    Anyway, this post is emblematic of the reason I don't hire people with
    only certificates to do real engineering jobs.

    # The speakers work on another
    #computer fine. They where pluged in to the green port or audio out. I
    #did find an article @ Soyo about a jumper J5 i think, I had to do a
    #search on all products no sound. I guess they do not cross refernce
    #there KB.

    With Soyo, you can rest assured you are getting the worst of product/
    post-sales support.

    Mail: kmarsh at charm dot net | Close the VT SVC Ctr boondoggle and
    WWW: | return services to local CIS offices!
    Ken Marsh, Feb 15, 2005
  6. SteveL




    Both the early P-4's and Celerons operate at 400Mhz. But the Front Side
    Bus speed is 100Mhz. All P-4's and Celerons no matter what the
    operating Mhz is all are quad channel processors. Not dual channel, the
    later cpu's support dual channel memory.

    P-4's that operate at 400Mhz have FSB of 100Mhz
    P-4's that operate at 533Mhz have FSB of 133Mhz
    P-4's that operate at 800Mhz have FSB of 200Mhz
    P-4's that operate at 1066Mhz have FSB of 266Mhz

    Celerons that operate at 400Mhz are avalible in both Willamette and
    Northwood cores and are termed P-4 based.

    All Celeron D's operate at 533Mhz and are Prescott cores.

    So if you take the FSB speed and multiply it by 4 you end up with the
    processors operational Mhz.
    , Feb 15, 2005
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