SY-P4S-645DX DRAGON Ultra Problems???????????????????????????????

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by Volunteer77, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Volunteer77

    Volunteer77 Guest

    I built this computer about march of 2003. I have:
    P4 2.53 gig cpu
    SY-P4S-645DX DRAGON Ultra
    512 ram
    100 gig WD hd
    ATI Radeon 9700 pro 128
    Windows XP Pro all packs and updates.
    now I have a problem that keeps happening. When I start up the comp
    every 2 or 3 times if starts chkdisk. sometimes it finds no probs
    sometimes it says files were missing or links to files are bad or bad
    indexes. you know it flashs the problem so quick and goes to windows.
    Well I have reinstalled windows 8 or 9 times. I have done Fat 32 and
    NTFS. and I still get it. The last time I had to reinstall windows my
    comp would start but nothing would execute when you clicked on it.
    Any ideas? is it mobo? I dont know what else to do short of buying new
    Volunteer77, Sep 9, 2003
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  2. Volunteer77

    Doc25 Guest

    I had that problem a few weeks ago. I had a Win98/Win XP Pro partition for
    boot purposes on the same drive. One day out of the blue when it started,
    the damn blue screen popped up and it proceeded to check the drives. Errors
    found and fixed. Thought nothing of it. A week later had a friend over to
    pull files from one of my hard drives (10 GB plus). I had shot down
    properly the night before, positive. It took 5 hours to check 1 drive, and
    that was 30 GB! Found numerous errors but didn't think too much about it.
    Later that night the system was slow to open alternate drives when clicked
    while using WinDVD. Like an ass I actually shut it down that night without
    doing any backups. Mind you, I built this rig in Sep 2002 and really didn't
    format the drives before mving them from my old system. Tried to boot next
    day-started, blue screen, a bit of text, and she rebooted-endless loop.
    Tried to reinstall XP over itself-either not enough space (plenty) or major
    error. Yep, hard drive crashed. Even though I couldn't see or access
    either partition with DOpus or Explorer, thank goodnedd for PC Inspector
    File recovery-recoevred all my soon to be lost data. Hoepfully you're not
    headed the same way. FWIW, it was a Maxtor drive, the other 30 GB is fine,
    Doc25, Sep 9, 2003
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  3. Volunteer77

    Volunteer77 Guest

    So you think it the hard drive not a mobo or other hardware issue?? I
    would really like my comp to work with out all these probs at some
    Volunteer77, Sep 10, 2003
  4. Have you checked Win XP's event viewer for error logs?

    Right click on "my computer"
    Choose "manage"
    Select "event viewer"
    Choose "system"

    May give a hint of where your problem may lie.....
    Erik the Bold, Sep 10, 2003
  5. Volunteer77

    Greg B Guest

    I'd bet 90% that it is a bad hard drive. First of all, it has all
    the hallmarks of a drive that's losing sectors. Try
    chkdsk manually, including surface scan. If you find bad sectors,
    send the drive to WD for exchange. They are pretty good about it,
    can turn it around fast.

    Assuming that all the drivers, etc., are up to date, you've
    really checked out your cables, etc., the certainty of it being
    a wonky drive goes up to about 95% in my mind.

    It is the most frequently-failing component of a good computer.
    (Other than cheapo CPU fans.) After all, it has most of the moving
    parts and as many bits and pieces on its controller as the motherboard!

    Greg B, Sep 10, 2003
  6. Since the comp had been running since March with no ongoing problems,
    it just may be an aging hard drive. Especially if you kicked the comp

    For a newer system, I would vote for memory being more likely to be a
    problem than a hard drive.

    Recently, I installed 512Mb of budget memory in my Soyo Dragon Plus 2
    mobo and it proceeded to trash my hard drive. All kinds of weird
    problems occurred that looked like disk translation errors and bad
    files but were actually data written to the hard drive that had been
    corrupted by main memory. Proceeding in such a state loses you your
    drive and you'de have to wipe it like I did.

    You may want to borrow a stick of memory (better quality or a known
    brand like Crucial, Corsair or Kingston and see if the problems don't
    go away.

    Robert Lowery, Sep 12, 2003
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