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System for running Star Wars Knights of the old Republic

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by sw, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. sw

    sw Guest

    I purchased a computer system yesterday consisting of...

    What I assume is an Intel P4 3ghz
    listed as Intel 2.93ghz LGA775 533m

    Intel 915GAVL ?Prescott? Motherboard...
    c/w HT Technology

    I had the choice of a ATI X300 Radeon 128 MB Video Card or to upgrade?!?!?!
    to Graphics Media Accelerator 900.. I took the latter. Seems to be a
    onboard Intel system...

    1G Kensington DDR 400 mhz 2.5v ram...

    Windows XP Media Center

    I purchased it to run star wars knights of the old republic. It ran fine
    the first time I ran the game.. but the next day when loading the file to
    play.. the game shuts down returning me to windows.

    I've tried loading the latest driver from intel for the graphics.. I've
    increased the page file size.. I noticed that when using the system
    resources in the task manager.. the cpu is at full usage prior to shutting

    Suggestions? A new graphics card? A different machine?

    sw, Jul 16, 2005
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  2. None of the above. Your system is compatible with SW:KotoR, ist just
    requires some tweaks.

    Refer to this link for more information:


    Hope to help.

    Best regards

    Alexander Hempel, Aug 1, 2005
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  3. sw

    dawg Guest

    Probably should have gotten the x300. But either way 3D graphics will be
    severely limited.
    I'd upgrade the video to a Nvidia 6600GT or ATI x800.
    dawg, Aug 18, 2005
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