System Mechanic Software - Recommended by Dell?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by charliec, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. charliec

    charliec Guest

    Is anyone using the software - System Mechanic - to cleanup and speed
    up your computer? If so, what do you think of it and how do you have
    it running on your system? I am running WinXP-SP3 on my Dell computer
    and was/am having some performance problems and Dell recommended this

    charliec, Aug 10, 2012
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  2. charliec

    Kirk Bubul Guest

    I have used System Mechanic Professional Version 10.7 on my HP
    desktop and my Asus laptop both running Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1.
    It didn't mess anything up. It was very cheap, costing under $15 at

    My observation is that Dell has always vastly overcharged for
    software. Right now, has three different variants of System
    Mechanic rebated, with each of them costing almost nothing after
    Kirk Bubul, Aug 10, 2012
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  3. charliec

    charliec Guest

    I have installed it and am wondering, does it cause constant activity
    on the computer (either harddrive or memory or Internet Connection)?

    I am getting a lot of activity on the Internet Connection and am
    trying to trace it down as to what is causing it - particularly the
    constant activity on the Internet Connection - keep Senting and
    receiving tons of packets - tons of them. Any wait to trace the
    Internet connection to see what is causing this?

    thanks for any insights or pointers.
    charliec, Aug 10, 2012
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