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System Recommandations Wanted

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by Andy Kemp, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Andy Kemp

    Andy Kemp Guest

    Hello group,

    One of these days i'm gonna go shop for new parts for a new pc. However
    since I haven't been following hardware for over 2 years now ... i'm a bit
    uncertain on what to get in what has become a real jungle. Basically i'm
    looking for a new amd based system that will serve me for the next couple of
    years. So could someone give me some pointers as to what's atm the best amd
    cpu / mobo to get a big bang for the buck, it would be appreciated.

    I was perhaps thinking about a mobile cpu as those don't have locked
    multipliers and would enable me to go easy on the cooling (would like to
    keep the noise down). Also i would like to use my old agp card for a few
    months before i upgrade the videocard. Do boards exist that have both AGP
    and PCIX? However if i can boost the lifespan of the system by going pcix
    from the start i might considder going pcix from the start.

    Thanks very much in advance for any comments given.

    Andy Kemp, Aug 1, 2005
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  2. Andy Kemp

    Flow Guest

    Best thing to do is to wait a couple of months.
    Because socket 939 is the Amd way to go and pci-e is also a standard now.
    Ofcourse,you never know if amd decides to change the socket again in 2
    years,but socketA is still available and so will 939 for a long time to
    The venice cores and x2 cores (dual cpu's) are multiplier unlocked.
    Also the fsb is now a simple multiplier on the cpu itself,so you can for
    example set a fsb of 300 and multiply that with 8 getting 2400mhz.
    I believe the venice 3200 has multi 10,so you can imagine how far you can
    get with that chip.
    Basically,the unlocking and mainboard dividers are gone,since the pci-e is
    also locked by itself as the other pci slots.
    It's really an overclockers heaven to go venice or x2.
    Flow, Aug 2, 2005
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  3. Andy Kemp

    Neil Guest

    Would go 939 socket based Pci-E mainboard, even a sli version even if you
    don't plan to do so till later on or not at all, no point in limiting your
    options or resale later if you choose to do so..

    3200+ Venice is the O/C core of choice but only 512 cache, 3700+ venice or
    whatever its code name is with a 1 meg cache is what I would buy these
    days..San Deigo maybe it is called. not sure.

    In regards to noise AMD is actually running very cool these days and a
    decent copper sink with a low speed fan makes it not so noticable and cool

    Toss in a 6600 gt or 2 and you off and running...1 GIG of 3200 or higher mem
    and an audugy ZS2 sound card...

    Have a gigabyte SLI board 3200+ winny core 1 gig of G.Skill le pc4400 ram, 2
    6600 gt's, audigy zs2 sound running at 260 HTT at around 2.4 Ghz with
    corsair water cooling...though not needed these days as mentioned earlier...

    Neil, Aug 2, 2005
  4. Andy Kemp

    gimp Guest

    i'm also buying soon but would definitely opt for a single 7800GTX over
    2 x 6600GTs, less noise than two cards, maybe slightly more expensive
    but not by a great deal, the performance would be much better at high
    resolutions and more headroom for expandability to higher rez, and no
    issues with SLI which is still a developing technology.
    gimp, Aug 3, 2005
  5. Andy Kemp

    Neil Guest

    Just helped a friend with alot more money than me buy a 7800 x 2 sli system.
    I bought my system at that time when you couldn't even buy 2 x 6800gts off
    the shelf they only had one..
    Friends tell me a single 7800gtx bench's almost as good as 2 x 6800 ultra's
    so ya , would be a good buy even if just one..

    SLI is starting to mature now a bit and not so many problems now though
    never had any to speak of.

    ATI's crossfire will be the one that is the noob once available in
    mainstream markets. Nvidia still has more mainboard chipset experience than
    ATI so Nv is still the best bet for a while yet..Once ATI is in a bit will
    be a different story then no doubt, either way competition just makes it
    better for us... price/performance wise.

    The 7800gtx is still cutting edge as is the price, nothing wrong with my sli
    it plays all that I play no problem. Is like having 2 x 9800 pro's really as
    a comparison...I paided $600CAD for my 2 asus vids that just gets ya 1 x
    6800 ultra here for another $80 bucks let alone a 7800gtx that retails for
    $729CAD each...
    I'll live with less res than spend that kinda money on one card.... But if
    ya have the coin why not, here they're fast as hell....

    Neil, Aug 3, 2005
  6. Andy Kemp

    Tim Guest

    Plus games still need to be optimized for SLI, they don't automatically take
    advantage of it.
    Tim, Aug 3, 2005
  7. Andy Kemp

    Neil Guest

    That list got way longer last driver release as far as games already out and
    believe the majority if not all new ones are optimised these days..I 'll
    tell ya these 2 cards playing UT2K4 for instance run better by alot, than my
    9800 pro I was running prior to this for gaming...
    Neil, Aug 4, 2005
  8. Andy Kemp

    McGrandpa Guest

    I've been busy hustling up the bits for a new rig. X2 4800+ AGP based.
    I've read that the 4800+ is dual FX53 cores, Toledo. I haven't built an
    AMD rig in a long time, but am looking forward to this one. I'd better
    be, at a grand for the chip alone. Am I right in thinking that an
    nForce 3 Ultra chipset will be the better choice for this X2 with AGP?
    Like a Gigabyte GA-K8NS Pro (or Ultra) 939?
    Why AGP? I just recently bought a 6800 GT AGP, and am not nearly done
    playing games with it! Not wanting to spend another $400 or higher on
    another vid card for this build. I have more AGP8X cards I can put in
    this rig (like 9800 Pro).

    yeah, I know AGP is on the way out, not looking for more new AGP
    products from Nvidia now. Will go PCI-e the next build. I can always
    get a cheaper A64 single core for the new K8NS mobo and use the X2 in
    that next build. I'm sure my kids won't gripe about this level of
    hand-me-downs anyway ;)

    McGrandpa, Aug 14, 2005
  9. Andy Kemp

    dannysdailys Guest

    You don't mention price points, or how this machine is going to b

    I can't give you advice because of it. Neither should any one else..
    dannysdailys, Aug 14, 2005
  10. Andy Kemp

    McGrandpa Guest

    Mine? I'm not looking at "best deal", I'm looking at best rig for my
    gaming and photo/graphics, scanning. But using the AGP for now.
    McGrandpa, Aug 14, 2005
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