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System test says No MMX on P3 (also videosoap wont work)

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Nammu, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. Nammu

    Nammu Guest

    I just bought a AIW9000pro. Everything works OK except the videosoap
    (the full-screen TV app quality seems sub-standard compared to reg
    cable on same TV, but probably not related).

    When I ran the System Test it says the system does not support MMX,
    but Sandra seems to have no problem detecting it, and other graphic
    apps run fine using MMX.

    I've updated to all the lastest drivers I know of (bios
    included)....The only problem I had was that it took a couple of
    uninstall/re-installs to get the TV app to work in MMC 8.6

    Anyone heard of this before? ATI website doesn't help...
    Any help appreciated! Thx!

    My System:
    P3 600mhz, AIW9000pro
    WinXP w/ dx9.0b & all service packs
    MMC 8.6, Cat drvs 3.7, remote wonder 2.0
    Nammu, Oct 3, 2003
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  2. Nammu

    Martin Guest

    Run DXDIAG.EXE from the Start Menu's Run command and look for the various
    hardware acceleration on the display tab - ensure they're enabled.
    Also look in the Display Properties Advanced settings for the Hardware
    Acceleration setting.

    Martin, Oct 3, 2003
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  3. Nammu

    JAD Guest

    its another little hiccup my P4 has no mmx tech either LOL

    soap issue unrelated as mine works fine TV quality well its most likely the monitor and its nature, if you look at a TV along
    side the monitor the monitor looks a little washed out....has on most everyone I've seen next to a TV. I don't think its an
    issue....the mere fact that we are able to do half the multimedia things we can is remarkable, considering 10 years ago it was a
    dream...i can still remember blinking colored text, that brought on as much hulla baloo as the intro of the radeons.
    JAD, Oct 3, 2003
  4. Nammu

    Nammu Guest

    dxdiag says that all acceleration is enabled for both display except
    for AGP textures on the TV. The HW acceleration is also set to Full.
    Does that help?

    Nammu, Oct 3, 2003
  5. Nammu

    Nammu Guest

    In regards to the image quality, I was actually comparing images on
    the same TV (Sony Wega 32"). Using these two setups:

    (Split Cable)
    1) Cable -> TV Cable in
    2) Cable -> AIW -> (TV APP Full Screen) -> TV Out (Svideo) -> TV

    With this setup I can easily switch between the two sources with a
    button. If I look at a channel like CNBC with text and people, the
    image difference is very obvious. The one routed through the AIW is
    fuzzier, less vibrant, especially the text. I've played around with
    settings on the TV and can't seem to improve it.

    Also, I noticed somthing weird: There seems to me more picture being
    shown through the AIW vs. the TV's internal tuner. Comparing the two
    images it looks like the AIW scans a slightly larger image...It's
    really obvious on a channel like CNBC that has the ticker at the
    bottom. With the TV's tuner, it does appear almost exactly flush with
    the bottom, but with the AIW, there's a small buffer. Also the
    reporter's head is a further away from the top of the screen.

    The net effect is that the TV picture looks a little zoomed in (and
    better) comapred to the AIW.

    Have others seen this? Is there some setting on the AIW for this?
    I swear I'm not smoking anything...

    Nammu, Oct 3, 2003
  6. Nammu

    patrickp Guest

    My XP2000+ doesn't have MMX support, either, according to the ATi
    configuration app. It does, of course; this is just yet another hiccough in
    the long list of misreadings by it - in the past I've mostly had DMA not
    enabled and capture driver not installed when, of course, they were. If
    fact, I can only remember one MMC configuration where everything actually
    reported as Ok - soon lost that, though. It's actually quite unusual now:
    although MMX is reported as not installed, both DMA and capture driver are
    correctly reported.

    MMC 8.6 is also the only 8.x version that's worked straight out of the
    install package for me: the TV (Video In in my case) app boots and closes
    happily every time. Never did before.

    patrickp, Oct 5, 2003
  7. Nammu

    Greg Guest

    I have a AIW 7500 and ATI configuration reports no MMX which causes Guide
    Plus to not record scheduled programs. I contacted ATI and they have no
    useful answer yet. You should contact them also at least so I don't look
    alone in this problem.
    Greg, Oct 6, 2003
  8. Nammu

    JAD Guest

    hmm 'no mmx' does not cause any problems on this rig 7500aiw
    JAD, Oct 6, 2003
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