System update installations seem to fail after I upgraded from Lion to Mountain Lion

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Juan I. Cahis, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Dear friends:

    System update installations seem to fail after I upgraded Lion to
    Mountain Lion (10.8.2).

    When I tried to install Apple's extra recommended update to 10.8.2,
    and also the last Safari update, and also the last iTunes update to
    11.0.1, using the "Software Update" menu, the install process goes OK
    up to the very, very end, when an update failure message appears.

    But if I check the about menu of Safari and iTunes, after the failed
    installation, all are in their latest version. Also, if I go to the
    Software Menu, it says to me that I don't have any pending
    installation. So, apparently, independently of the failure message,
    the install process ended OK.

    Please note that before any system installation I boot to the recovery
    partition, and I check the disk and its permissions, and always they
    are OK. Also, after the supposedly failed installations, I went to the
    Console app and searched for any Installer log, but I couldn't find

    Any hint?

    Juan I. Cahis
    Santiago de Chile (South America)
    Juan I. Cahis, Dec 14, 2012
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  2. Dear Jolly & friends:

    A very good question!!!!

    But to get an exact copy of the message, I will need to wait until
    Apple gives us another system update!!!!!

    But as far I remember, it was very simple: "Update installation
    failed", without any explanation.

    Please note that the message appeared at the very, very end of the
    process, when the horizontal thermometer marking the time to finish
    was full on the right.

    Another clue. This happens only with Apple's updates, not when
    updating apps from another manufacturer even if the update came from
    Apple's Store.

    I hope this help.

    Juan I. Cahis
    Santiago de Chile (South America)
    Juan I. Cahis, Dec 14, 2012
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  3. Juan I. Cahis

    David Empson Guest

    The Installer log is located at /var/log/install.log, with older ones
    archived and compressed, using an incrementing sequence number as they
    get older, starting with "install.log.0.bz2", then the next older one is
    "install.log.1.bz2", etc. I have six archived files, dating back a
    little over three months.

    You should be able to see them in Console, by clicking "Show Log List"
    in the toolbar, then clicking the triangle next to "/var/log" to reveal
    all the log files in that folder.

    These files include logs generated by Installer (manual installation of
    ..pkg files, e.g. from a downloaded .dmg), Software Update checks and
    installations (whether done from the command line tool, "Software
    Update" in Lion or earlier, or App Store in Mountain Lion), and
    "installd" (which can be invoked via other methods, e.g. on-demand
    install of a printer driver).

    Mine also has messages from my recent download of "Server" from App
    Store, which triggered installation of server-related components
    elsewhere, but I wouldn't expect similar from regular app downloads from
    App Store, so they might not be mentioned in this log at all.
    David Empson, Dec 15, 2012
  4. Dear David & friends:

    I did it exactly as you suggest. Unfortunately, there isn't any
    "install.log.*" under "/var/log/".

    Juan I. Cahis
    Santiago de Chile (South America)
    Juan I. Cahis, Dec 15, 2012
  5. Juan I. Cahis

    David Empson Guest

    (I should have mentioned that in older OS X versions, Console shows this
    directory path as "/private/var/log" rather than "/va/log". "/var" is
    actually a symbolic link to "/private/var".)

    Is there anything under /var/log in your Console? There should be
    system.log, daily.out, weekly.out, monthly.out, and a bunch of others.

    The lack of an install.log suggests something is preventing it being
    written, so the question is whether it is the entire log directory at
    fault, or something else.
    David Empson, Dec 15, 2012
  6. Dear David & friends:

    Yes, there are many logs in "/var/log/", but none with the word "install"
    in its name. I will look if a "/private/var/log" console folder exist.

    Originally, my MacBook Pro came with Tiger installed, then I upgraded it to
    Leopard, then to Snow Leopard, then to Lion, and then to Mountain Lion,
    without any problem, but never doing an install from scratch, always
    upgrading it.
    Juan I. Cahis, Dec 16, 2012
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