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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Eric Osman, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. Eric Osman

    Eric Osman Guest


    This very strange behavior occurs on my friend's mac, and I'm hoping you
    can either give me some hints , or tell me where to go (no wisecracks
    please) .

    On some of her microsoft word documents, when she double clicks on them
    to open them, instead of seeing the document in microsoft word, this
    very STRANGE thing happens.

    What happens is that a window appears that says something like "opening
    class mac 9.2 environment...".

    Then the two-tone blue smiley face appears in the window as though an
    entire macintosh is booting inside the window.

    If we wait to see what happens, eventually an error occurs saying the
    document is corrupt.

    But I know that at least one of the documents that behaves that way is
    not corrupt because she dragged it onto an aol email message to make it
    into an attachment and sent it to me (on a non-mac!) and I can
    successfully open the document.

    Why this strange behavior ????

    Thanks for any insights.

    By the way, the kind of mac she has is a flat-panel display on top of
    what looks like a white half dome, sort of like half a honeydew melon.

    Eric Osman, Oct 7, 2003
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  2. Your friend is using Mac OS X, but the Mac is trying to start up an
    older version of Word that does not run on Mac OS X. To do this, it's
    starting up "Classic", which is how Mac OS X runs Mac OS X as if it were
    an application. That allows it to run Mac OS 9 applications that would
    otherwise not work on Mac OS X.
    Because Mac OS X is trying to start Classic, it's most likely running an
    old version of Word. The older version of Word can't read documents
    created with newer versions of Word, so it thinks they're corrupt.

    What to do depends on what software your friend has. Does she have a
    newer version of Word? If so, she might try running that, and then
    opening the file from within Word (instead of just double-clicking the
    document). If that works, there are ways to make this easier. If she
    does not have a newer version of Word, her only alternative may be to
    upgrade. It all depends on what version of Word she's trying to use.
    You mean an iMac.
    Tom Harrington, Oct 7, 2003
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  3. Eric Osman

    Eric Osman Guest

    Thanks for the fast informative answer, Tom ! /Eric
    Eric Osman, Oct 7, 2003
  4. Eric Osman

    John Hill Guest

    I suspect that your friend's problem arises because she is trying to
    open a Word document with a file name that's too long.

    Tom Harrington's explanation of Classic opening within OSX is perfectly
    correct - although I use OSX.2.8, most of my favourite applications are
    inherited from OS9 and earlier times, so I have Classic running all the
    time. Therfore, you have a pre-OSX version of Word. No problem!

    However, I have found that Word 2001 (which is pre-OSX, as you have
    discovered) reports a corrupt document, or crashes, or both, if the name
    of the file you are opening is over 31 characters. This is the ONLY
    Classic application I know of that misbehaves in this way - even Excel
    gets it right.

    Try editing the file's name in the Finder so that it is down to about 25
    characters plus any extension there may be (e.g. .doc) and see if the
    file will work then.

    John Hill, Oct 8, 2003
  5. Eric Osman

    Simon Slavin Guest

    Your friend has two copies of Word installed on her system: one
    which runs under OS X and the other which runs under OS 9. Tell
    her to delete the OS 9 one.
    Simon Slavin, Oct 10, 2003
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