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T-Bred XP2400+ (AIUHB) on an ABIT AN7 - How to reach 200MHz FSB?

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by Wayne Youngman, Feb 20, 2004.

  1. Hi all,

    Just started building my Brothers machine last night using the new ABIT AN7.
    So far its going well but I can't get this T-Bred to run on the 200MHz FSB.
    I'm tried running 10x200 but the PC just boots in *Fail-Safe*.

    Is there some issues with T-Breds and low multipliers? Sorry if this is an
    obvious question but I only had experience of AMD Bartons (which I know run
    default 166MHz-FSB, vs the T-Breds 133MHz-FSB).

    At the moment I am trying to run the new MemTest x86 with the CPU
    overclocked to XP2800+ speeds (13.5 x 166 for 2.25GHz). but didn't stabilise
    it yet (memtest errors?).

    The AN7 appears to *OVERvolt* the CPU, which I never seen before, normally
    on the older NF7-S the board would *UNDERvolt* the cpu.

    Crucial 512MB PC3200 (single stick)
    ABIT AN7
    ANTEC 350w
    Radeon 9800XT

    Any clues for me please?
    Wayne Youngman, Feb 20, 2004
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  2. Wayne Youngman

    Morgan Guest

    In one of my PC's I have the XP2400 and have found that it will run at
    200mhz and beyond (230mhz was the max for a boot but 220mhz was the max with
    full stability) but only using my Abit NF7-S board. If I use the Asus A78NX
    motherboard it will not get to 200mhz without issues such as what you are
    That was with using the same memory, graphics card etc etc etc.
    I know that the board that you are using is an Abit but it isn't the NF7-S
    and so I am not too sure how that particular one is at higher FSB's apart
    from when Bigbadger posted and found issues himself when O/C 'aggressively'.
    But, IRRC, he did suggest to ensure that the CPU Interface was disabled to
    get it to POST.

    Good luck



    Hard drive is noisy no more.....

    Morgan, Feb 20, 2004
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  3. Wayne Youngman

    rstlne Guest

    Hi all,
    The chips are lock'd so you cant change the multiplier, Maybee this explains
    your problem?

    I mean if this is a 133 chip then I cant see you putting it up to 200 and
    having it run without fault..
    so what is the chip's pr .. 1600 - 2100 is 133, 2100-2700 is 166..
    rstlne, Feb 20, 2004
  4. Wayne Youngman

    BigBadger Guest

    Have you set 'CPU Interface' to enabled???? If so try disabled.
    My AN7 was totally unstable when CPU Interface was set to enable, anything
    over 155FSB caused errors and 200FSB would not even POST. Disabled was fine
    to 227FSB.....
    Disabled does have a slight impact on performance though, which is why I
    switched back to my old NF7-S.
    BigBadger, Feb 20, 2004

  5. Hi,
    that kinda helps. The AN7 has the same softmenu set-up as the NF7-S, so
    what I was interested to know was that some people had the XP2400+ running
    on the 200MHz-FSB.

    I am slowly working my way up from stock settings, and have successfully
    been running this T-Bred B on the 166Mhz-FSB, so now I haveXP2800+ speeds
    13.5 x 166 with 1.75vCore.

    To be honest I only really tried 10x200 (2GHz) and that didn't work so I
    will probably sneak my way up from 166Mhz-FSB to as near as I can get to
    200Mhz-FSB. The Crucial PC3200 is running 2-2-2-11 just fine @DDR333.

    The AN7 has some nice features. hopefully I can get it to run as I thought I
    could with this AIUHB T-Bred (12x200 :p).
    Wayne Youngman, Feb 20, 2004

  6. Hi,
    this XP2400+ CPU isn't locked!

    I have changed it's multipliers successfully, just that I didn't get it to
    accept the 200Mhz-FSB yet. . . still it's early days :p (onlky started
    building late last night!)

    I have previously built an AMD2500+ running at XP3200+ speeds (11x200) so I
    am reasonably familiar with the vCore, vDimm, Chipset voltages, and the
    normal BIOS options that aid.hamper a successful overclock.
    Wayne Youngman, Feb 20, 2004

  7. Hi BB,
    Yes CPU Interface is *DISABLED*. I'm still running the BIOS that it came
    with (#13) so I may update to the newer (#14) to see if that helps. This is
    my first time I used a non-Barton so I'm not sure of the *Ins & Outs* of
    this particular CPU, but from what I read it was legendary in it's time :p

    Just burning it in right now at XP2800+ speeds (13x166= 2241Mhz) nearly
    there (vCore reads: 1.8v - vDimm reads: 2.8v - 44°c Temps).

    I will have to try various combinations of Multiplier/FSB to find this CPU's
    sweet-spot, but I heard something about the T-Bred B not being able to use
    certain *lower* multipliers. . .

    Did you notice how this mobo *OVERvolts* the CPU? hehe that's a first for me
    Wayne Youngman, Feb 20, 2004
  8. Can you boost the chipset Volatge on that board..? I've found that all six
    of my NForce2 boards (all NF7 & NF7-Ss.) want the extra 0.1V chipset voltage
    for 100% stability.

    Methinks you'll be lucky to get anything much over 2.2GHz out of that CPU
    Wayne - I'm running 3 Tbred Bs with 'DKV3C' codes (1.65Vcore spec.) and the
    best of them will only do 2.2GHz 100% stable. (2x 'JIUHB' 1700+ and 1x
    'AIUCB' 2400+.) They will all do 200+MHz FSB no problem though. Mind you,
    all 3 of my 'JIUHB' 1700+s with DLT3C (1.5Vcore spec) codes will do 2.4GHz
    but they are all watercooled.


    Nick M V Salmon, Feb 20, 2004
  9. Wayne Youngman

    - HAL9000 Guest


    From what I have seen, as you increase the FSB the max cpu freq will
    lower slightly. That is, my 1G duron would run at 1.2G at 100 FSB but
    would only do 1.1G at 187 FSB. Of course, the benefits of 187 FSB far
    out way the reduction in max cpu frequency...


    Motherboard Help By HAL web site:
    - HAL9000, Feb 21, 2004
  10. Wayne Youngman

    BigBadger Guest

    No reason why you should not be able to run a similar clock speed at high
    FSB to that of a low FSB....
    A more likely reason why you could not go higher than 187FSB would be memory
    or chip-set holding you back.
    BigBadger, Feb 21, 2004
  11. Wayne Youngman

    rstlne Guest

    It isnt lock'd as in, you unlock'd it?..
    Cause these Thoroughbred chips can be unlock'd with a few mods but not via
    bios from a new chip..
    rstlne, Feb 21, 2004
  12. Wayne Youngman

    BigBadger Guest

    You can't unlock the latest (approx week 39 onward) Socket A processors. The
    bridge mods or pin mods don't work on these chips.
    There is a way to get them to run as a Mobile athlon which allows the use of
    PowerNow! to change the multi's but the Nforce2 chip set does not support
    If you want an unlocked Socket A cpu, buy an XP Mobile CPU.
    BigBadger, Feb 21, 2004
  13. Wayne Youngman

    rstlne Guest

    You can't unlock the latest (approx week 39 onward) Socket A processors.
    I didnt look at the one he posted, so I dont know what date stamp it has..
    But that's my point I was making, the picture he supplied is of a unmodded
    chip so I dont see how his is unlock'd
    rstlne, Feb 21, 2004
  14. Wayne Youngman

    knowname Guest

    What kind of cooling are you using? I have a 2400+ also and have to remove
    the side panel of my case to get it up to 200mhz fsb. That radeon 9800xt
    puts off a lot of heat, I have a 9800 pro myself. Try taking to side off
    and see what happens.
    knowname, Feb 21, 2004
  15. Wayne Youngman

    BigBadger Guest

    *****Replace 'NOSPAM' with 'btinternet' in the reply address*****
    All T'bred and Barton chips made before approx week 39 were unlocked from
    the factory...no modification is necassary.
    BigBadger, Feb 21, 2004
  16. Wayne,

    It sounds like your memory timings are too aggressive for the FSB
    you're trying to run.

    Instead of 2-2-2-11 try 2.5-3-3-11.

    Armored Knight, Feb 21, 2004

  17. Hi,

    I don't think it's cooling as the ANTEC case has 4 80mm fans and the CPU
    temp is reading 38°c. I did have the panel off the side as well. So far I
    have had the CPU overclocked to 2.3GHz using the 166MHz-FSB so the core is
    good, just that I can't set it to boot up using the 200MHz-FSB (like
    10x200=2GHz, the stock GHz for this CPU).

    ANyway I just got in from a busy day and will settle down to some
    trouble-shooting. Have just installed WindowsXP SP1, nForce Drivers, and
    Supplied Graphic drivers (Cat v3.10) and run 3DMark2001. looks great (just
    11,000 points @1024x768). Oh yeah i made a mistake, it's a 9600XT not 9800XT

    Thanks anyway I will post back with progress. . Must get this chip running
    200MHz-FSB, got a few things to try out yet. . . .
    Wayne Youngman, Feb 21, 2004

  18. Greetings Armored Knight :p (hehe)
    Indeed that is true. I left the RAM settings on optimal, which appears to
    be 2-2-2-6?. Hmm maybe its a bit buggy with my crucial ram, should be
    3-3-3-9? at 200MHz.

    Will try that first, an obvious oversight on my behalf.
    Wayne Youngman, Feb 21, 2004
  19. Wayne Youngman

    - HAL9000 Guest

    In my case, I don't have a locked AGP/PCI clock so my limitation is
    the graphics card. Motherboard is a kx7-333.

    Exactly, no reason not to run higher fsb's with a an7.

    I think the reason why I experienced reduced top end performance at
    higher fsb's is because the cpu is (or in my case, was) much, much
    warmer at higher fsbs.


    Motherboard Help By HAL web site:
    - HAL9000, Feb 21, 2004
  20. "Nick M V Salmon" wrote

    Hi Nick,
    thanks for reply. I'm a bit chicken headed at the moment, as I got all the
    parts for my new P4 system sitting in a box, but I decided to knock up this
    rig for my Brother, poor bugger is still straining away on a PIII600Mhz,
    which for his work (Photoshop, Flash etc) is pretty sluggish. All he had
    was this 2400+ CPU so we knocked up a cheap box around it (Sub £500). I'm
    still running at stock right now, and have windowsXP up and running with all
    drivers, so It running Prime95 and a 3Dmark loop right now. I was undecided
    between The NF7-S and the AN7, but my bother was interested in the AN7 (he
    liked the name!), so hopefully I will be able to get this board running like
    an NF7-S. Main thing I wanted to check in this thread was that the T-Bred
    CPU didn't have a problem with low multi's (10x, 11x etc). . . .
    Wayne Youngman, Feb 21, 2004
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