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Tablet XP and Games

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Massiverugsale, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Hi Anyway - Toshiba M400 with Tablet XP seems to have issues with games /
    DirectX - including Micsoft games (Age of Empires III for example) - Any
    hints on how to make games work - I was wondering if DirectX doesn't quite
    work the same on a Tablet PC

    Massiverugsale, Sep 7, 2006
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  2. Massiverugsale

    Chris H. Guest

    DirectX works the same on a Tablet PC running the Windows XP Pro SP2
    operating system as it does on a desktop. The difference is in the graphics
    card. It probably does not support the full range of functionality required
    to run the game. You might check with Toshiba and make sure you're running
    the current drivers, and recheck the requirements of the game.
    Chris H., Sep 7, 2006
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  3. Most games won't work right with the pen because of the way the pen works in
    contrast to a mouse. Because a pen jumps around to absolute coordinates, it
    messes up most DirectX games that use a mouse.

    If you use an external mouse or a trackpad, this should work fine as long as
    (like Chris mentioned) your video card is good enough. Most tablets these
    days have decent video cards, just not screamers when it comes to gaming.
    Josh Einstein, Sep 7, 2006
  4. I'm concerned about using an external trackball. I use a Toshiba M200 both
    undocked and in a docking station with an MS trackball. I noticed some
    cursor lag in using the trackball. This week I have lost _all_ handwriting
    recognition: I cannot even insert characters that are touch-typed with the
    pen. While I think that something other than the trackball is the problem,
    I've tried re-installing ink dll's, re-recognizing the dll's, updating from
    NET 1.1. to 2. all to no avail.


    (By the way, the MS Trackball Explorer 1.0 is great product, but it seems to
    be discontinued.)
    I'm confused about the phrase "decent video cards": I thought most tablets
    _don't_ have a separate video card. For example, I choose my Toshiba M200
    because it had an NVIDIA FX Go5200 while almost all other systems used a
    shared memory based Intel 900 or 950. In addition, the drivers for video
    systems for tablets using Tablet XP appear to have a lot of specialization so
    that updated drivers for Microsoft XP will not work on tablets.

    Specifically, my M200 should be able to drive an external monitor at
    1900x1200, but I'm able to only use 1600x1200. There's no good solution
    despite a lot of discussion and work by other users on other sites.


    Orion Whitaker, Sep 8, 2006
  5. Massiverugsale

    Chris H. Guest

    First, the .NET 2.0 is not an "upgrade" of the 1.1 version. They're
    separate programs, addressing different yet similar functionalities. You
    should have .NET 1.1 (and updates, not upgrades) installed for those
    functionalities to which the Tablet Input Panel, etc., of Tablet PC Edition
    2005 were written.

    As for the graphics "card" issue: Depending on the game, the built-in
    graphics system on Tablet PCs may not address such requirements of present
    games as shading and the true DirectX 9 functions being called by the
    game(s), which is why there may be problems. I would check the game box or
    internal guide included for the specifications from the game makers and then
    look to Nvidia's information on the graphics card to make sure it fully is
    associated with those requirements.

    If you're using System Restore on the unit, pull a Restore Point from before
    your position before inking became a problem. That should set it straight.
    Chris H., Sep 8, 2006
  6. Thanks for the reply.

    I'm still having difficulty in getting the handwriting recognition to work,
    but the rest of the comments were helpful.

    Thank's for correction -- clearly computers aren't my forte.
    Yes, .NET 1.1 was installed shortly after I had my computer.
    Yes... I should check the requirements. (It's tempting just to get a game
    and see if it will run on the tablet.)
    Alas, the System Restore did _not_ have a point saved before the inking
    problem. I had the System Restore "Disk space usage" set to the maximum of
    12% (6867 MB) but I had only two restore points, neither of which were before
    the inking problem. I thought System Restore would save multiple points but
    it seems that I will have to manually create restore points when I install

    Any other suggestions?
    Orion Whitaker, Sep 8, 2006
  7. Massiverugsale

    Chris H. Guest

    Have you tried the Restore Point? If you have, take a look in Control
    Panel/Regional and Language Settings/Languages tab/Details button in the top
    section. On the Settings tab, you should have the Default Input Language
    selection in the top rectangular box matching that shown in Installed

    Depending on whether you have Office 2003 installed, in the square window
    below you should have at least three of these four listed under Advanced
    Text Services:
    - Ink Correction
    - Tablet PC Correction
    - Tablet PC Correction for Windows Journal
    - Tablet PC Text Insertion.
    If not, use the Add... button on the right.
    Chris H., Sep 8, 2006
  8. Hi All

    I use an external monitor, express port docking station and bluetooth KB and
    Mouse - I'm beginning to think the Graphics card (Intel based) - "ain't all
    that" - any ideas what games will work on it? what do I look out for ?


    Massiverugsale, Sep 8, 2006
  9. Massiverugsale

    Chris H. Guest

    Details on the IntelĀ® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (IntelĀ® GMA 950)
    chipset driving your setup are here:
    http://www.intel.com/products/chipsets/gma950/index.htm You would need to
    compare the capabilities of what you have on your system with the
    information normally found on the outside of the retail game box to see what
    game could be run. Keep in mind there could be other influences on the game
    performance, such as anti-virus software, and you should really research the
    support sites of the games of interest to see what issues may have been
    reported prior to making a purchase.

    Chris H., Sep 8, 2006
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