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TabletPC OS with no recovery discs conclusion.

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Ree-Yees, May 6, 2005.

  1. Ree-Yees

    Ree-Yees Guest

    I have received the Acer C100 laptop that I bought off of ebay. Its in
    perfect condition and this tablet pc sure is awesome!

    Anyways, the guy did not have the recovery discs. So the first thing I did
    was make a Norton Ghost image of the whole drive.

    Yesterday I called Acer and they said that they no longer have restore discs
    for the C100 model and that there is no TabletPC OS for me to buy anywhere.
    They said my only option if I lost everything was to mail it in and have
    THEM restore it for $200! Obviously they dont live in reality land.

    I guess if my ghost image was to fail me, my best bet is to solicit people
    selling Acer C100s on ebay and try to pay them to copy their 3 restore discs
    and mail them to me. Someone might be willing to do that for $40 since they
    are selling their Acer anyways. I can probably even still use my XP key
    from this tablet.

    Anyways, I just thought you all might like to hear that grim news.

    Ree-Yees, May 6, 2005
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  2. Ree-Yees

    Chris H. Guest

    The real side of purchasing anything, especially a used computer, is to make
    sure you receive the media install CD/DVD setup which belongs to the system.
    In this case, the seller ripped you off, Cameron. The Microsoft Windows XP
    Tablet PC Edition sticker on the bottom of the Acer means that particular
    software belongs to the computer.

    Acer is not obligated, as you found out, to supply a replacement set. That
    duty belongs to the seller on Ebay. I would file a complaint unless you
    were specifically told the media disks were not included. We've seen this
    way too often.

    As for having someone duplicate the media for you, that's just as illegal as
    what the seller just did to you.
    Chris H., May 6, 2005
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  3. Ree-Yees

    Ree-Yees Guest

    It was stated in the auction that he did not have the recovery discs.

    I am sure you are right that copying someone elses recovery discs would be
    of questionable legality, but I did make an effort to purchse them straight
    from Acer. So from here on out whatever happens seems ok to me.

    I have alot to learn about these tablet pcs!

    Ree-Yees, May 7, 2005
  4. Ree-Yees

    Chris H. Guest

    Too bad. Wonder what happened to them? Have you been able to register your
    machine with Acer? I wonder about the original ownership. Was it the
    seller? :cool: I'd suggest you get a program like DriveImage or TrueImage to
    protect your machine if something goes wrong.
    Chris H., May 7, 2005
  5. Ree-Yees

    Ree-Yees Guest

    I backed up the harddrive with Norton Ghost and burned it on a DVD. I hope
    that when I upgrade the hard drive that I can just restore right from that
    image. If that works then I shouldnt ever need the restore discs.

    I didnt ask if he was the original owner, but I may shoot him an email and

    Ree-Yees, May 7, 2005
  6. Ree-Yees

    Chris H. Guest

    If nothing else, find out when it was purchased, and the warranty status.
    Since you now own it, I hope you still have some options left.
    Chris H., May 7, 2005
  7. I had a nice bit of fun while preparing my V1250 for its repair trek to
    California a few days ago. Attempting to run the repair resulted in
    BSODs. I was going to settle for just a clean XP install, but booting
    an XP w/ SP2 CD also resulted in BSODs. I thought maybe I'd just kill
    the partition, since ViewSonic would probably just re-image the thing,
    anyway (this was pretty much confirmed by ViewSonic support), but my
    Partition Magic CDs aren't cooperating. 7 never booted for me anywhere,
    and I've managed to scratch 8, so that while I can use it from within an
    OS, I cannot boot with it :(.

    Thanks to what I'd read here and on TPCBuzz, I'd made a relatively clean
    image of the OS within hours of receiving the device last year, so I
    just ran Partition Magic 8 from XPTPCE and killed my profile, etc. It's
    not as good as writing 1s and 0s to the drive, but it's not as though I
    think ViewSonic techs have time to sit around and look through my drive
    for juicy bits :).

    My point? Sometimes having the recovery discs doesn't help much. In
    the last TPC chat, I mentioned my problems, and the hardware is
    suspected. If it ever comes up again, I'll try a different CD drive.
    I'm not worried, though, because:

    1) the hard drive that was re-imaged and shipped back to ViewSonic is
    not the one I actually use (so I have two different hard drives with TPCOS)
    2) I have a little adapter for my 2.5" drives that will allow me to
    stick them into a PC to do whatever, if working within the machine
    doesn't cut it
    3) I have many copies of that hours-old image, and, while it is a
    pre-sp2 image, I'm not above working in it (perhaps I'll make a post-sp2
    image at some point, especially if ViewSonic does nuke the drive;
    actually, it'd be really cool if they slapped an SP2 image on it for me)

    I do hope this message is in plain text. I'm back on the laptop again,
    and I have yet to figure out how to tell in Netscape Communicator!

    Hey, Chris, if you're reading this, I want you to know I now understand
    why you keep saying you can't rest your hands on a touch-screen device.
    Apparently my Fujitsus just aren't that sensitive, but I recently got
    an ePods to keep me company while I wait for my baby to come back from
    ViewSonic, and that thing notices if I just brush my screen with a
    finger or something. You are right; there is no way in heck I could use
    a full-sized tablet with that kind of sensitivity!
    The Miniature Mage, May 9, 2005
  8. Ree-Yees

    Chris H. Guest

    :cool: I use a PPC for quick schedule references once in a while, and I forget
    about not touching unless I want to do something. Bummer on your ViewSonic,
    but I'm sure your baby will come back better than before.
    Chris H., May 9, 2005
  9. Yeesh. This post makes absolutely no sense (I blame it on being
    distraught over my dear one being so far away and the difficulties of
    re-learning using my Inspiron)!
    Should have read "Attempting to run the RECOVERY WITH THE RECOVERY DISKS
    resulted in..."
    I didn't run Partition Magic 8, I ran DriveImage Pro 2002!
    The Miniature Mage, May 9, 2005
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