Taping DVD's with HP Laptop that has S-Video out

Discussion in 'HP' started by Gerald Newton, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. HP says it can't be done (probably to avoid liabilities). But the Ze5468Cl
    S-Video out can be fed to a TV that has RCA input capability and DVD's can
    be watched on TV. Plug the S-video into the TV using a 4 pin S-video to RCA
    jack converter (costs $15 at Radio Shack) turn on TV and computer, set the
    display settings, advanced, displays, by clicking on the little buttons so
    the window button is highlighted for the TV and the concentric circle button
    is highlighted for the panel. If the red TV button is on click on it to
    turn off - pay no attention to literature that comes with laptop. Keep
    these settings and the TV will display the same thing that is on the panel
    screen. When a DVD is played the panel screen will go blank and the TV will
    show the DVD. (Note: the laptop S-Video is a 7 pin but it will work just
    fine using a 4-pin S-Video cable) To get the audio into the TV take the
    laptop earplug audio out using a mini stereo to RCA splitter (comes with box
    or buy from Radio Shack) and input this to the TV RCA audio jacks.
    Now to record the DVD:
    You must fool the laptop to send DVD to box and VCR by first plugging
    S-Video cable directly into TV from laptop to get laptop to feed DVD signal
    to TV (as described above), then go to the hook up below without turning
    laptop, box, VCR, or TV off.

    To record buy the $54 box from svideo.com called S-Video VCR, feed the
    S-video through this box using the S-video to RCA cable that comes with the
    box. For recording feed output of S-Video box to VCR and feed audio through
    VCR (requires the RCA jacks in and out on VCR and in for TV), insert tape,
    turn on record and start recording the DVD. The taped quality is
    excellent - just like taping from a master tape because the DVD is so
    perfect. All encryption fading and distortion is removed by the box.
    Gerald Newton, Jul 10, 2003
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