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Discussion in 'Biostar' started by dovermts, Jan 2, 2021.

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    Jan 2, 2021
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    Hi everybody I got a couple questions maybe someone can help me with. I have a biostar TB85 mining board I just bought. I am running the p106-90 gpu. I have set up a couple other mining units with the same cards and never had the issues I'm having with this board. I keep getting the device cannot start code 10. It doesn't matter what risers I use I put one of the cards physically in the PCI-16 slot and I continuously get the same error. I've reinstalled windows once that did not make a difference I went into the BIOS and changed pretty much anything you can think of and I must still have something wrong. All my other units took a little bit of playing with and I could at least get one card to work to start with. With this board I can see the cards but they always have a code 10 on them even if I disable the onboard gpu. It has the i-5 processor and I've have 16 gigabyte of RAM.has anyone ever had experience with one of these boards doing something like this? I put my cards and risers and another unit and it detects them fine it has to be something in the BIOS. Even if I try to use nice hash is from a flash drive it won't detect them either. I have enabled the above 4G decoding. I manually set the gin speed also . I disabled the onboard audio. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks guys
    dovermts, Jan 2, 2021
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