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TC1000 and Hitachi Travelstar 7K60 Hard Drive Replacement

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Robert M. Lincoln, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. I had the opportunity to try the 60 GB 7200 RPM Hitachi Travelstar 7K60 hard
    drive (average seek time of 10 ms) on my TC1000. The original drive is an
    Hitachi DK23EA-30 (a 30 GB 4200 RPM drive, average seek time of 13 ms).

    First of all, the drive works fine. You can easily unscrew the back plate
    on the TC1000 and pull out the original hard drive. I then, using the
    TC1000 three recovery CD's, set up the hard drive as if the machine were
    new. Everything worked. Make sure you put a "Cable Select" jumper on the
    drive, just like the original 30 GB drive. When you go through the recovery
    process, the machine boots up using the CD-ROM as the primary boot device.
    I suppose you could change the boot sequence without putting on a Cable
    Select jumper, but I didn't. Also, make sure the CD is "spinning", or
    ready, otherwise you will get a notice that the wrong CD has been put in the

    Simple speed test

    On a fresh reboot, I tested out the speed of this 7200 RPM drive. Very
    simply, I used a stop watch and timed how long it took to bring up Windows
    Journal, using the pen to click on the icon on the edge of the TC1000
    screen. I did this also, after a fresh reboot, on the original 4200 RPM
    drive. The results are below.

    7200 drive: 4.5 secs
    4200 drive: 7.0 secs

    I then tested the speed that Windows Journal came up after opening it and
    closing it a few times, figuring "something" was stored in some memory
    buffer. The results are below.

    7200 drive: 3.3 secs
    4200 drive: 4.0 secs

    In general, the 7200 drive is a little snappier, but I wouldn't say that it
    blows me away. However, I'm sure there are other more sophisticated tests
    that display its superior performance.

    Also, the 7200 drive is a little "clickier" - I could hear the heads of the
    drive move. This was very tolerable. The 4200 drive is very quiet.

    I was hoping that the performance of the 7200 drive would be so great that I
    wouldn't have to upgrade to the TC1100. That hope is dashed. I just hope
    the TC1100 meets my speed expectations.

    It would be nice if someone showed some simple comparisons of speed between
    the TC1100 and the TC1000, such as time of boot up, application loading
    times, etc.
    Robert M. Lincoln, Dec 29, 2003
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  2. Robert,

    Great post.

    Your observations on repeated loading of MS Journal times may be the
    inherent caching in memory which is what the Transmeta proc is known for.

    Thanks again, sorry to hear you didn't get the bump you wanted.
    Fritz Switzer, Dec 29, 2003
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