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Tecra M7 penabled driver with hibernation and rotation problems resolved?

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Weeble, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Weeble

    Weeble Guest

    I had some problems back at the beginning of the year with my Tecra M7
    tablet: I installed the Wacom Tablet PC drivers to get tablet support
    in applications such as Paint Shop Pro 8 and GIMP for Windows, and
    while it did work after a fresh boot, it stopped working after being
    sent into hibernation or standby. These applications also didn't get
    the correct tablet coordinates when the screen was rotated - the
    tablet axes didn't rotate to match.

    My work-around for the hibernation problem was to stop and restart the
    tablet service. I got fed up of this recently and went to look for
    updated drivers to see if they resolved the problem. I first attempted
    to install version 5.03-3 (RC) of the Wacom drivers from here:


    After rebooting, the stylus did nothing at all. It wouldn't even move
    the cursor or click, never mind support pressure-sensitivity. I
    uninstalled the driver, and got back basic movement and click
    functionality. I'm assuming that Ink also worked at this point, but I
    didn't test it. I had a look around on their FTP site and observed
    that there were newer versions of the driver, but couldn't find any
    release notes for them. The newest was this:

    I wasn't sure if it would work with the tablet PC or not, but I
    decided to give it a shot and see. I can report that it installed and
    seems to be working fine. I have only hibernated once or twice, but
    pressure sensitivity was still working afterwards. I was also
    pleasantly surprised to see that it rotates correctly with the screen,
    so I can use it in portrait mode or in landscape mode without the
    power cable poking out the front.

    I don't know if the one on their website didn't work because I didn't
    uninstall first (was I supposed to?) but I don't see any reason to
    continue to mess with it now that it's working happily. I hope this
    might be useful information to other Tecra M7 owners out there.
    Weeble, Sep 30, 2007
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  2. Weeble

    Weeble Guest

    Sorry! My memory is bad and I forgot the specific thing that triggers
    the problem. It's not just hibernating, but doing so while GIMP or
    Paint Shop or some other application using the legacy tablet interface
    is running. Indeed, this still causes the tablet service to fail.
    Unfortunately now the pen ceases to work altogether and stopping and
    restarting the service no longer works as a workaround to restore it.
    I'll have a go with other versions of the driver to see if I can find
    something that fixes the orientation problem but is more manageable
    with the hibernation problem.
    Weeble, Sep 30, 2007
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