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Discussion in 'Gateway' started by j.lef, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. j.lef

    j.lef Guest

    I used to be a longtime gateway user, but thankfully, I
    finally learned my lesson, and build my own computers, and my last purchased
    gateway, is out of its three year warranty and I was happy.
    My family purchased a gateway laptop for me, for fathers
    day a few months ago, and I had to be grateful for receiving it, but I
    dreaded having another gateway, and my first laptop.
    I got the 4028 model. A few pixels were missing, and
    no documentation, no backup discs, but the machine functioned fine and I
    rather enjoyed it for its purpose, which was to have a laptop on my desk in
    my bedroom, to use whenever I want, and not have to inpinge on other
    computer users in the house.
    Well the computer is now three months old, and I was
    using it, and left the room for a half an hour. On return, the screen was
    off. I thought to myself, I dont remember turning it off. I noticed the
    power lights were still on, and tried adjusting the brightness to no effect.
    I turned it off, and then restarted to see if that would fix the problem.
    What I discovered , that upon start, I could barely see the gateway splash
    screen. So I closed the lights in the room, and got my big mag lite
    flashlight out, and noticed that the computer was working, just no
    illumination of the screen.
    I called gateway and thats where my problem started.

    1) The first time I called(and there is no 800 number, you have to call a
    number thats on the bottom of the computer), I got a recording, hit a few
    selections, and told the phone call, might be recorded or listened to (the
    usual b.s.). They didnt say how long the que would be. Well after holding
    for a half an hour, I finally get a ringing, which then goes to a recording,
    that due to the high call volume, I need to leave a message and someone will
    get back to me. Right. I left a message. No return call in two days.

    2) I starting calling every day, till on the fourth day, I got a rep within
    a minute, and told him the problem. He said they will send out by fed ex, by
    second day air, a mailer to send by the computer, and there will be like a
    two week turn around time.
    Okay, thanks, appreciate it.

    3) I wait about four days, and call again. Again I get a person , within a
    minute, and he says you were mis informed, and that laptops go via dhl, and
    a box was sent and the tracking has no information as of yet.

    4) I wait another two days, get a person again within a minute, and they
    said the tracking says it will be delivered on aug 25, and this is already
    aug 29. They say , it will get there the next day.

    5) Well on friday, I call again, because the dhl tracking number is still
    showing nothing, and this is two weeks the computer is down. I ask to speak
    to a supervisor, whos name is lance.
    He was so beligerant. He said I am getting excellent service,
    because they have on their record they sent out a box, the day I called in.
    I said thats been two weeks ago, and that I called dhl, and they have no
    record of the box being picked up from gateway. I told him that, and he told
    me, thats a problem between me and dhl. I said, its gateway problem to get
    a box to me. He said, dont interrupt him, or he will hang up on me, and
    customers like me, make things bad for gateway. This is what he said. I
    said, it is gateways responsibility to get a box to me, and I want one sent
    air overnight. He said, you better not interrupt me again, or I will hang up
    on you. I repeated again this is gateways problem, and he said its not. I
    am getting great service because a box was sent out.

    6) I called back about an hour later, and spoke with another rep, who had
    a good attitude. I told him the situation, and he looked up the call log,
    and said, this is way too long. The box may still come today, but let me
    order another box sent to you and gave me a new return number. He said he
    always wants a customer to be satisfied, whether they are angry or not,
    because that is his job. I dont want to post his name, but he is a credit
    ot gateway, but gateway probably wouldnt think so.

    So, I am awaiting the new box now. By this time, the laptop
    should have been sent , fixed, and returned, and here I am still waiting for
    a dhl. I asked if I could send it myself, and get reimbursed, and they said
    no, and wouldnt be respondible for the computer if I did.

    Good points) 1. At least the laptop tech/service
    seems to be based in the usa, and I dont have to translate indian to
    english. They are polite in bombay or whatever, but uninformed, and
    sometimes impossible to understand.

    sorry for long rant, but has this what
    gateway, has come down to. Saying that their responsiblity, ends with
    sending out a box. I asked him, that if I never receive a box, that means I
    cant get my computer fixed by them. .
    Unbelievable, finally the death blow is near on
    gateway, with this service.
    this months consumer reports, rated break down rates of products, and
    gateway was used as an example on computers, on which have the most
    problems. check it out.

    Much reards Jerry.
    Hi Ed and Ben. As far I as am concerned YOU GUYS ARE GATEWAY TECHNICAL
    j.lef, Sep 4, 2005
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  2. j.lef

    Ed Guest

    I appreciate the compliment Jerry but I am in no way smart enough to
    be a computer technician. I know just enough to keep myself out of
    trouble now and then.

    I remember your initial message on here when you were asking about GW
    quality and support. It saddens me that you learned that they are
    exactly the filthy trash that they were said to be. They use to tar
    and feather filthy trash like them but these days, it seems to be the
    norm of doing business. As long as people buy Taiwanese Junk through
    scum like them, they will always be around to screw the public in one
    way or the other.

    Sorry you had to be the next in that long line for the GW shaft my
    friend. Make sure you tell your story loud and far. If you can save
    just one possible victim, you have done a good thing.

    Ed, Sep 4, 2005
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