The bad just got badder.

Discussion in 'Dell' started by lgreenwood, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. lgreenwood

    Tom Scales Guest

    Anyone is too strong. I have a 2400 acting as a four tuner PVR and it runs
    flawlessly 24/7
    Tom Scales, Mar 20, 2006
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  2. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest

    I congratulate you, for you have won the "crap shoot" and got a
    flawless product, Just hope that you never have to use tech support
    should you have problems!

    lgreenwood, Mar 20, 2006
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  3. lgreenwood

    Notan Guest

    You either just fell off the truck, or you're trolling.

    Quality service has always been available, at a price.

    Search this newsgroup for, or Google, "Gold Tech Support."

    Or, just complain.

    Notan, Mar 20, 2006
  4. lgreenwood

    Tom Scales Guest

    I've used Dell tech support at least a 1/2 dozen times. On one machine, a
    Latitude LT, the experience and the machine were a disaster. Other times,
    even with Indian support, the support was reasonable. I've found a direct
    correlation between how nice you are to the tech support person and the
    level of support you get. Many people call angry, because they are having
    computer problems, and the experience is horrible.

    It's not like the 2400 is my only Dell. I've got 4 in my home office, a
    laptop, my wife has two desktops and my daughters (2) each have a laptop.

    Tom Scales, Mar 20, 2006
  5. lgreenwood

    Tom Lake Guest

    I would ditto that! What good is an expensive service agreement when
    I'd rather pay less for a computer with NO support at all (that's about the level of
    Dell India anyway)
    and fix it myself.

    Tom Lake
    Tom Lake, Mar 20, 2006
  6. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest

    Well then, I must have fallen off the truck whatever that means. And I
    am not sure what trolling means. Chalk that one up to ignorance. I
    have been a dell user for several years ordering them for both work and
    home. In short I like the Dell laptop and I have bought quite a few of
    them. Early purchases (several years ago), the support was top notch.
    However my recent purchase on a Dell 600m is a problematic. I can
    not seem to get the 600m that I purchased to work with a USB backup
    drive. The error message I get says that the power requirements
    exceed that of the USB port. While a friend as the same machine and
    can use the same USB port using the same USB drive without a hitch.

    The feedback I get from tech support is that I need to either reinstall
    the drives or use a Dell product for backup;. I reinstalled the
    drives to no avail. Even with an external power supply I can not get
    the USB port to access the external hard drive, even tho the harddrive
    is a laptop drive. Otherwide the Dell laptop works just fine, but I
    can not connect it to a USB hard drive without getting an error message
    even tho another 600m works just fine.

    BTW, I have been extremely pleasant to the support people. And I still
    am. I know it does no good to get angry with them. Because of this
    recent experience I can emphathize with people who are having problems
    with Dell ts. But their response is if I don't use a Dell product to
    attach to a USB port then I have no reason to complain.

    I don't recall that the "gold support" was an option when I purchased
    the computer, If it was then I would have purchased it. But I did pay
    extra for an optional extended warranty. Having spent that extra
    amount, however, did not ensure that I could get the problem I am
    having solved.

    So being a long time user of Dell computers, I have a perspective on
    their tech support. With this present experience I guess I fell off the
    truck as you say.

    So run that one around the block.

    lgreenwood, Mar 20, 2006
  7. Hmmm. Isn't is a fallacy to justify Dell practices by competition when
    they're a major player driving the market? Competition, though real, is
    often used as a rationalization. Is the market really telling Dell that
    they would rather pay a few dollars less and suffer with bad support and
    service, or is Dell trying to squeeze every last penny of profit into it's
    managements pockets? I don't think there's a simple yes or no answer to
    this, but I get tired of sometime bogus claims of competition as the catch
    all justification for every practice.
    Phil A. Buster, Mar 20, 2006
  8. lgreenwood

    Notan Guest

    "Gold Tech Support" has been available for years. While it was originally only
    available to Small Business Division (or higher) purchasers, (supposedly) it's
    now available to Home Division purchasers, as well.

    The problem is that it's not one of those "in your face" options. You've got
    to have previous knowledge of its existence.

    My contract calls for "Same Day 4-Hour 5x10 Parts and Labor On-Site Response,"
    which means 4 hour response time, 5 days per week, 10 hours per day. After hours,
    it rolls over to the next business day.

    On the few occasions that I've had to contact Support, I've always spoken
    to a non script-reader. On one occasion, I apparently blew out my USB ports.
    A late night (~10:30pm) call resulted in a new motherboard being delivered
    at 09:30am, with the tech arriving at 10:00am.

    An "extended warranty," in and of itself, means nothing... You've got to have
    a *good* warranty, first.

    Notan, Mar 20, 2006
  9. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest


    I just went to the Dell website and selected "Home and Home office" and
    came up with a listing for XPS M170 for $3,012, apparently their very
    best laptop. No where did I find anything about a "gold tech support"
    as an option. Only when I selected the Dell higher edu purchase, my
    office, could I find a "gold support" service. But the "gold option"
    does not appear to be available for home use.

    Please tell me I am wrong. I hope that I am wrong. If you can find a
    "gold tech" support for home use then I will happily order another

    Again, I emphasize with the home user. There is no "gold support".

    lgreenwood, Mar 20, 2006
  10. lgreenwood

    Leythos Guest

    The difference between purchasing from Home or Business is what you tell
    the Dell sales drone - call yourself a business and pay with your
    personal card.
    Leythos, Mar 20, 2006
  11. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest

    Unfortunately you are probably right. In order to get the great dell
    service is to lie about your situation. .

    lgreenwood, Mar 20, 2006
  12. Larry;
    And lying is wrong.
    But EXACTLY what is a home business?
    Do you conduct any type of business from your home?
    How about your kids?
    Jupiter Jones, Mar 20, 2006
  13. lgreenwood

    Notan Guest

    Unfortunately, that may be true.

    Another option is to ASK a Sales Rep. While I may not have been crystal
    clear in my earlier post, some of Dell's options aren't available on the
    Web site.

    Let us know what you find out!

    Notan, Mar 20, 2006
  14. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest

    Hey guy, I didn't suggest lying Leythos did. I still don't endore
    lying. Yea indeed what is home business? Do you have to lie to get
    the gold tech support from Dell, Leythosm suggests you do.
    Unfortunately Dell doesn't recognize that lying will get you the
    service you deserve. It is the system that they have put into place
    that makes lying an option. Do I have a problem with lyiing, yes I do.
    But Leythos thinks that it is the way to do. Otherwise you don't get
    the service you need. In all fairness to Leythos, I wished I was wrong
    as being honest does not get me a workable solution to my problem.

    lgreenwood, Mar 20, 2006
  15. lgreenwood

    Notan Guest

    What's interesting, in this case, is that "lying" doesn't get you anything
    other than the option of paying Dell more money and, consequently, a better

    Notan, Mar 20, 2006
  16. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest

    Well Nolan now you know the problem, I hope. The home user or small
    home business user is out of the equation when it comes to support
    services. Now maybe you can see the problem the small home computer
    user has to face when using Dell ts.

    lgreenwood, Mar 20, 2006
  17. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest

    As a home user I would gladly pay more money for "gold" tech support,.
    My only question as I posed for others, would everyone on this group do
    the same.

    lgreenwood, Mar 20, 2006
  18. lgreenwood

    Notan Guest

    We've been talking about this very problem FOR YEARS.

    The truck I was referring to was the TURNIP TRUCK! <g>

    Notan, Mar 20, 2006
  19. lgreenwood

    Tom Scales Guest

    How much less can you realistically pay? You can buy a 3100 with a 17" LCD
    for $300.
    Tom Scales, Mar 20, 2006
  20. lgreenwood

    Notan Guest

    Do you WANT better service, or are you just taking a survey?

    Notan, Mar 20, 2006
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