The bad just got badder.

Discussion in 'Dell' started by lgreenwood, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. lgreenwood

    Notan Guest

    By purchasing an XPS system, she's entitled to a higher support level.

    It's got nothing to do with Gold Tech Support.

    Notan, Mar 21, 2006
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  2. lgreenwood

    Leythos Guest

    And you said that you were just making sure that people didn't attribute
    what I said to you - which would not happen if you posted properly.

    I have no problems standing behind anything I have ever said or typed.
    Leythos, Mar 21, 2006
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  3. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest

    Ok...I am convinced. Dell gold support is the holy grail. I hope
    that others on this list will also get the message, that it is a whole
    different story if you don't have Dell gold support.

    The message is clear, pay extra, purchase by telephone and get the
    "gold support". Message recieved loud and clear.

    Now the rest of you stop bitching about dell support. Get the gold
    support, which you have to ask for by telephone and pay the price! If
    you don't stop bitching about Dell support.

    lgreenwood, Mar 21, 2006
  4. lgreenwood

    Notan Guest

    Gold Tech Support isn't the *only* high level of support.

    Why don't you do a little research, and report back to us with your

    Notan, Mar 21, 2006
  5. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest

    Yea right, very funny. At this point I have to live with my dell
    purchase and take the consequences. I

    It's Dell' s problem not mine. If you say that gold support is the
    answer then I buy that. Next I order I will do will by phone and I
    ask for the gold support. If I can't get gold support then I will buy

    So you tell me what more research is there?

    lgreenwood, Mar 21, 2006
  6. lgreenwood

    Notan Guest

    I was serious when I said "Gold Tech Support isn't the *only* high level
    of support."

    Notan, Mar 21, 2006
  7. lgreenwood

    Tom Scales Guest

    Actually, she said she had an XPS, which comes with a dedicated phone line
    and higher level service.
    Tom Scales, Mar 21, 2006
  8. lgreenwood

    Tom Scales Guest

    Have you tried calling and upgrading the support on the machine you bought?
    Tom Scales, Mar 21, 2006
  9. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest

    Are you kidding? Just try calling...then forget it. I have also
    checked the dell website and upgraded all the drivers they had, but to
    no avail. I am not computer illiterate. I service all the computer
    at work and at home.

    Here is how I back up my 600m. First I attach the USB drive to an old
    dell lattitude c600 that fortunately I kept. Then I link the newer
    600m to the c600 and transfer the files from the 600m to the hard drive
    of the c600 and then from the hard drive I transfer the files to the
    USB drive connected to the c600. I am using Fastlynx to transfer files
    from the 600m to the c600. Fortunately I kept the old c600 and I am
    making great use of it. And it works fine.

    But hey, I am not a complainer. After alI got I got it to work. .

    I just thought the article about Dell doubling the support staff in
    India was a bit too much for me to stomach after the problems I have
    had from that support group. I don't fault the poor creatures in
    India, they are only doing what they can and I have been very
    respectful to each of them, inspite of the fact that sometimes in the
    process after waiting a long time the line gets disconnected.

    BTW, I don't have any other problems with the dell computers at work or
    the older one at home. Its just with the 600m that I just purchased
    which I understand is no longer available. I bought a 600m for a
    colleage at work and hers works fine with the USB port access to the
    same USB hardrive. But mine doesn't.

    I have read the USB drive specs and everything is with the tolerances
    that dell says they should be.

    So my point in my recent posting is that everything is OK until you
    have a problem that falls outside the "boundaries". When that happens
    apparently you are out luck. Unless of course as at least one member
    of this group says, you have to have the "gold tech support". I
    ordered the 600m via the web as I have always done. Had I known that
    you can obtain "gold tech support" for a home computer by phoning in
    the order I would have done so.

    Also Dell doesn't like it if you have a non dell product attached. So
    don't tell them.

    So I can understand those in this news group who are having problems.
    Probably my problem is not unique.

    As I said if you are not having trouble with your dell then be
    thankful. If you do have problems then....suffer I guess.

    lgreenwood, Mar 21, 2006
  10. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest

    Well as I said in a previous post, I just went to the Dell website and
    priced out an XPS for over $3,000 for home use and the gold option was
    not listed. The warrant was the same one I have for my 600m. So she
    must be using the XPS at work.

    lgreenwood, Mar 21, 2006
  11. lgreenwood

    Joan Hansen Guest

    I have a Dimension XPS desktop at home and I do have an Inpiron XPS
    which is my own personal laptop I use at work. The company feels we only
    need one PC which is a Pentium 3.

    Both my systems were purchase new. Inspiron is almost 2 years old, cost
    $2,500 and the Dimension cost $1800 and no monitor. I got a $700
    discount so I just couldn't resist. XPS' do get special service. I have
    external USB hard drives attached to both systems with no problems.

    Joan Hansen, Mar 21, 2006
  12. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest


    I have purchased over 100 dell computers in the past 5 or more years
    for work. I have never had a problem with any of them. And a number
    of the older ones, most of them are XPS's, I have even upgraded with
    off the shelf components and they just keep running. When I buy
    computers for work, in my own case higher education, I always get the
    best service. I just retired this year and for the first time in my
    life I bought a Dell for my own use after I retire. Before that I have
    always had a work computer both a desktop and a laptop. The laptop I
    carried back and forth from home to work everyday.

    After reading the posts today, I now realize that Dell support for a
    personally purchased computer is a hell of a lot different than for the
    work computers I have purchased. For the first time I have experienced
    what the home user experiences when they purchase from Dell and have a
    problem that is outside of the "boundaries."

    Had I known that before I purchase this 600m for my own use, I would
    have done things differently. My wife has a home business and I should
    have purchased this computer using her account. Stupid me.

    Having had the great support service at work, I naturally expected the
    samething with my home computer. Now I realize that I was foolish for
    thinking that.

    Seriously I really like the dell products, but the service for home
    purchases is really as bad as some on this list have shared. Now I
    have experienced it first hand. After several days on the phone
    talking and I must have talked to over 10 or people and always getting
    transfered to some else, who again transfers me to yet another
    person....well what can you do but simply give up. On the other hand
    when I call Dell ts for a work computer--no problem I get right
    through. What a difference. I just cannot get that same service for
    my own computer....what an irony!

    The USB ports work, but they just don't work with the external drive
    setup I have. So the problem is not serious enough to get a new board,
    it is just an inconvience.

    I am glad your USB ports work with an external drive. I just wished
    mine did.

    My wife has a dell inspiron 6000 and hers works just fine.

    Now I am going to sign off. No more it does nothing
    except to get my blood pressure up....

    I wish you the best of luck with your dells...but remember this
    discussion should you decide to buy a Dell for yourself. That
    decision may not be good for your health.

    lgreenwood, Mar 21, 2006
  13. lgreenwood

    WSZsr Guest

    Does your external hard drive have its own power supply? Is it a 2.5" or
    3.5" drive? I have an Omega 2.5" external drive and it works fine.
    However, some 3.5" exteranl drives require their own power supply as the USB
    port cannot provide adequate power.
    WSZsr, Mar 21, 2006
  14. lgreenwood

    Joan Hansen Guest

    Yes both my external HD(s) are 3.5" size. Both have their own power supply.

    Joan Hansen, Mar 21, 2006
  15. lgreenwood

    Notan Guest

    Your good experience with Dell Support, at work, vs your bad experience
    with Dell Support, at home, while new to you, is reflective of what's
    been going on at Dell, for years.

    *That's* what I've been trying to tell you!

    As an educator, weren't you taught to *listen* first, then speak?

    Apparently, upon retirement, you forgot.

    As a whole, the regular posters in this newsgroup *frequently* discuss
    the discrepancies between Home and Business Support. If you had taken
    the time to look through old threads, this fact would stick out like a
    sore thumb.

    Instead, you jumped in without listening/looking, and acted like a
    baby who just discovered he had toes! <g> It's a new topic, to you,
    but a very old topic, to us.

    The contributors in this newsroup are *very* diversified. Not only
    from an experience standpoint, but also from a background standpoint.
    They range anywhere from newbies buying $299 Home systems, to corporate
    buyers, IT folks, etc., dealing with 100s of high-end Business systems.

    Look! Listen! Contribute!

    Notan, Mar 21, 2006
  16. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest

    Hi Notan,

    What a trip to the woodshed...

    As a matter of fact I have been posting and watch messages in this
    group for several years now and I have seen the gripping and bitching
    about Dell support services. But because I never personally owned a
    Dell, I didn't understand why. Mainly I was looking for postings that
    would relate to a particular product that I was considering purchasing
    or for technical advice about upgrading.

    The griping and bitching was a bit of an annoyance in that context.
    Nothing like first hand personal experience to really see the issue.
    What I learned from yesterday was that Dell support does seem to work
    well with problems that are obvious, like a bad board, hard drive,
    software issues and so on. Those are the Dell customers who will rate
    Dell high on support issues.

    Where the problem seems to arise is when, like in my case, there is a
    more subtle issue like USB ports not working with any of the several
    USB hard drives I have tried. Otherwise the ports work fine. And as I
    mentioned the USB ports on a friends 600m works fine with both data and
    power cables for all the external drives I have tried. I know that it
    is suppose to work.

    Once the folks in India are told the USB ports work, they want stop
    there and advise me to get a Dell external hard drive.

    There seems to be a subtle grey area in Dell's tech support where the
    India folks will not venture as someone yesterday pointed out, it is
    not in their "script". That much I never figured out from the past
    posts on this list.

    I even wonder if even the gold tech support option would fix this

    Anyway that is what I learned from yesterday.

    lgreenwood, Mar 21, 2006
  17. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest

    The external hard drive is set up to receive both power and data from
    the USB ports. The several drives I attempted to use were all 2.5"

    Like you my first thought was that the power limits for the USB ports
    are exceeded and indeed that is the error message I am getting.
    However, I have tried the same USB drives on another 600m owned by a
    friend and the external drive works fine drawing both data and power
    from the USB ports. The external drive also works fine with an old
    c600 and an Inspiron 6000.

    The external hard drive also works fine on other laptop brands.

    lgreenwood, Mar 21, 2006
  18. lgreenwood

    Notan Guest

    What Gold Tech Support (It may, in fact, be called something else,
    these days.) does is afford you the opportunity to speak to a tech,
    who actually understands the ins and outs of computers, as opposed
    to a script-reader ("I'm sorry, I lost my place. Let's go back to
    Step 1."), and whose primary language is English.

    Hold times, on the phone, are also significantly shorter.

    I don't know, for a fact, that GTS is available to Home buyers... A
    while back, someone mentioned that it was, but I've never taken the
    time to find out, first hand.

    It's obvious that Dell has determined, for the majority of Home users,
    that this level of support isn't necessary. What bothers *me* is that,
    in general, this level support isn't even *offered* to Home users.

    Buying a computer system should be like ordering from a Chinese menu.
    "I'll take this system from Column A, this level of support from
    Column B," etc.

    Alas, it's not.

    Notan, Mar 21, 2006
  19. lgreenwood

    Jay B Guest

    1. even if you had gold tech support, that wouldn't help your problem.
    2. it seems like you are doing something wrong with your usb device,
    like not giving enough power. or perhaps not assigning it in disk
    management utility or conflicting with another device letter or a bad
    cable or any number of other things that could be going wrong.
    3. gold tech support is avail on every small biz purchase or greater,
    however it is no longer called "gold". it is now labeled as "business
    standard", and you will see is an upcharge of at least $69 on most
    items. usually found on the second order screen.
    home users dont seem to have thjis option, but they have something else
    called "one care", which sounds like it can do the same thing. i guess
    dell figures they will need more hand holding. but even this will not
    solve your problem as i said before you are doing somethign weird there.
    and its hard for any tech to see over the phoen when they are not in
    front of it. i'll bet if you get your computer to a real tech, they can
    solve your problem.

    if you want help solving that usb problem, we can help you there, but
    stop beating that dead horse already.
    dell support and products are among the best available.
    they sell tens of thousands of systems each month, and i've only read
    about a dozen or so bad experiences here online. i'd say that's pretty
    good for a company.
    unfortunately, your experience is one of the oddities and it is near
    impossible to fix that kind of problem over the phone with your eyes only.

    this newsgroup is a great resource for dell expertise outside the normal
    channels. use it wisely!
    Jay B, Mar 21, 2006
  20. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest

    After one of your posts yesterday, I went to the Dell site and selected
    under Home and Home Business an XPS laptop priced at over $3,000. No
    where in the extended warranty did I seen anything about a gold tech
    option. But the option was listed under higher ed puchases. The
    warranty options were basically the same as the low end models. So
    the home user is out luck even if he/she buy a high end machine.

    It's pretty clear that Dell views its customer base as highly
    stratified and bases it service policy on this view, a sort of have and
    have nots with the home user being at the very bottom of the service
    hierarchy. For the home user I can't see that Dell's doubling their
    India staffing will mean much for the home user except maybe to provide
    questionable service more quickly.

    lgreenwood, Mar 21, 2006
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