The bad just got badder.

Discussion in 'Dell' started by lgreenwood, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. lgreenwood

    BVFN Admin Guest

    I just purchased, a PE 2850, two switches, and 10 workstations.....
    with gold support. here is the list of available options in the
    warranties/support section (usually second page of order process) shown
    at the end of this post.

    and yes Dell does ship tens of thousands (some actually say hundreds of
    thousands) of systems a month.... even a couple hundred bad expeiences
    isn't terrible (we just can't stand it when it's us). When you know the
    nature of computers, it is completely impossible to have perfect
    systems everytime. alot of times it's not Dell's fault even... one spec
    of dust when a processor is being layered can make an entire computer
    not function correctly. and for support, they have tens of thousands of
    support employees... what is the likelihood that they are all tech
    savvy and polite? i agree that too many support positions are being
    outsourced, but still Dell employs tens of thousands of Americans in
    their assemblies, R&D, HR, etc... even support. when i call Dell i
    always get a tech person, who is American. most of my bad support
    experiences actually come from HP, i normally can't understand a thing
    they're saying because of their accents.

    you also need to realize that someone else may have the same model USB
    drive and the same model laptop, but that does NOT mean they're the
    same. it's not as common with drive manufacturers, but if you have
    let's say a CompUSA external drive model #666 and your friend has the
    same thing, model #666, the actual drive may be a western digital in
    yours and a maxtor in theirs; thus different power requirements. didn't
    maxtor and seagate just merge? there are too many constant changes to
    say they're the same models they should be the same. even in a drive
    manufacturer's hard drive, there can be differences. two maxtor
    external drives may both contain maxtor drives, but one may be model
    #666 and the next model #667 or even #666 rv.2.

    however, from the sounds of it i would be more likely to say that your
    problems are due to improper configuration, not a hardware malfunction

    Hardware Support Services

    3Yr SILVER Support, 4Hr Onsite, S/W Support

    Help Me Choose

    3Yr GOLD Support, 4Hr Onsite, S/W Support, TAM Service [add $600]

    3Yr SILVER Support, 4Hr Onsite, S/W Support [Included in Price]

    3Yr BASIC 4Hr 7x24: L1 Hardware Queue, 4-Hour 7x24 Onsite [subtract

    3Yr BASIC 4Hr 5x10: L1 Hardware Queue, 4-Hour Onsite M-F 8am-6pm
    [subtract $640]

    3Yr BASIC NBD: L1 Hardware Queue, Next Business Day Onsite M-F
    8am-6pm [subtract $1,019]
    BVFN Admin, Mar 21, 2006
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  2. This is such an ignorant statement, calling others ignorant because they
    have bought a $299 system.

    I bought a $299 system. It has a 2.5GB Celeron D processor, 80GB HD,
    512MB DDR RAM, CD-RW 48X, etc...

    Just how much more do most of us need Leythos? Is that not really good
    enough? Come on. How many of us have earth shattering graphics
    programs that will not do well on a $299 computer? How many of us
    really just have to have the very latest memory sucking, processor
    melting games?

    Just what won't the $299 systems do? I think the ones that really don't
    know too much about computers are the ones that buy the 3,000 dollar
    systems just to say that have one.

    =?UTF-8?B?IihDdHJswqQrL0FsdCvCpC9EZWzCpCspIg==?=, Mar 21, 2006
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  3. Leythos, sorry if I sounded a little confrontational in the above post,
    didn't really mean to. But, I have Gimp 2.0, a fairly intensive
    graphics program that runs flawlessly on my computer. No glitches,
    smooth, responsive.

    Open Office, another large program that functions quite well on my $299
    dollar system.

    Thunderbird, Firefox, Opera, Avast Anti-Virus, Spybot, Ad-Aware, Outlook
    Express, Internet Explorer all co-exist and run superbly.

    I push an All-In-One Printer, burn music CD's, listen to Internet radio,
    type out documents for work and print them, move files from one folder
    to another, many times all at once and it never locks up on me.

    Really, how critical is it that you have the very best that is being
    offered when you can do so much with the very least that is being
    offered nowadays?

    =?UTF-8?B?IihDdHJswqQrL0FsdCvCpC9EZWzCpCspIg==?=, Mar 21, 2006
  4. lgreenwood

    BVFN Admin Guest

    you really only ever need more than that $300 pc if you're either:
    gaming (which is actually the main driving force behind tech
    development), graphics design, or some other industry-level
    application. i just ordered dual core P4's witha gig of ram for my
    workplace, but that is because these people (literally) have 30+ PDF's
    open at one time while checking their email, running databases and more!
    BVFN Admin, Mar 21, 2006
  5. lgreenwood

    BVFN Admin Guest

    you really only ever need more than that $300 pc if you're either:
    gaming (which is actually the main driving force behind tech
    development), graphics design, or some other industry-level
    application. i just ordered dual core P4's witha gig of ram for my
    workplace, but that is because these people (literally) have 30+ PDF's
    open at one time while checking their email, running databases and more!
    BVFN Admin, Mar 21, 2006
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot about dual booting Ubuntu Linux, running the Zone
    Alarm firewall, and usually having around 200MB of memory free. In
    fact, I have very, very rarely even surpassed the actual 512MB of
    physical memory when doing any of the above.

    I don't have a DVD burner or player though, but I just can't see where
    this would be worth paying an extra $2,300 dollars for.

    =?UTF-8?B?IihDdHJswqQrL0FsdCvCpC9EZWzCpCspIg==?=, Mar 21, 2006

  7. Of course BVFN, I can understand that. Business is business and you do
    what you have to do. But how many of us at home use Auto-Cad or any of
    the other real demanding programs?

    The statement I was responding to was that people who buy $299 computers
    for home use are really ignorant when it comes to computers in the first

    I on the other hand would be willing to argue the exact opposite of
    that. That being the ones that spend $2,500, $3,000, or even $5,000 +
    on a home system are the ones that are ignorant of computers.

    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=22=28Ctrl=A4+/Alt+=A4/Del=A4+=29=2, Mar 21, 2006
  8. lgreenwood

    Notan Guest

    Holy shit, Larry.

    Are you stupid or just acting that way?

    How many times do I have to say it?


    Pull your head out of your ass!!!

    Notan, Mar 21, 2006
  9. lgreenwood

    Leythos Guest

    I don't have to have the best, but to have a computer that is crippled,
    not expandable (since several headers are removed from the board, since
    it doesn't have an AGP slot, etc...) I consider the machine only
    suitable for the most broke of people.
    Leythos, Mar 21, 2006
  10. lgreenwood

    Leythos Guest

    PDF'd and email don't require any horse power, databases do, as well as
    CAD and programming suites, and lets not forget Graphics apps, oh, and
    just today I watched a users Olympus CamMedia apps, while sitting idle,
    use 100% CPU cycles.... and that was before he went to print anything.
    Leythos, Mar 21, 2006
  11. lgreenwood

    BVFN Admin Guest

    really, the people who are buying the $300 computer aren't really
    ignorant, nor is those of us who spend $3k. it really depends on your
    needs, it is impossible to say that spending any set amount on a system
    makes you ignorant. i'm currently using an $1800 alienware laptop, and
    at home i have a desktop which i built for roughly $4k, but would
    retail for more like $7k. does this make me ignorant? no. i use them
    both for gaming. i actually do security audits and computer forensics
    work, so i often find myself processing huge amounts of data. i need
    powerhouse machines to suit my needs. grandma and grampa who go out and
    buy a $300 machine to get pics of their grandkids across the country
    emaild to them or people who just need something to get online, create
    word docs and the like also aren't ignorant, their suiting their needs.
    90% of the time, if you don't know the difference between an 800MHz FSB
    P4 and a 1GHz bus 64-bit AMD FX or the difference between RAID-1 and
    RAID-10 you're NEVER going to need them! for me and those of us out
    there it makes sense to buy something that's upgradable so that next
    year when a new graphics card comes out or when we decide we want more
    RAM we can put it in, but someone who doesn't know memory from HDD
    space most likely will never be inside that tower anyhow so does it
    really matter?

    and PDF's can take up a fair amount of CPU and memory time, when you're
    layering, flatening, printing, and processing ones that are in excess
    of 200 pages long.

    P.S. sorry for the double post before, IE7 Beta2 still has some bugs to
    work out
    BVFN Admin, Mar 21, 2006
  12. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest

    Thanks for your response.

    I follow everything in your first two paragraphs.

    I also understand what you are saying in your third paragraph about
    different model harddrives having different power requirement even
    within the 2.5" range. However in my case I am working with a
    universal USB case and I purchased an identical hard drive that is in
    my dell and put it into the USB case. So I do know what hard drive is
    in the case. And as I mentioned before the same USB drive works
    perfectly on another 600m drawing both the data and power from the USB
    ports. Therefore I must be OK with the power requirements with the
    USB hard drive.

    In your last paragraph you mention the possibility of a software or
    configuration error. Anticipating that possibility, I also purchased
    another same brand hard drive that I carefully formatted and installed
    Windows and all the Dell drivers. I then swapped this second drive out
    with the original hard drive that came with the computer. Still the
    same error message pops up.

    Wouldn't the use of the second drive in place of the original drive
    suggest a hardware rather than software problem?

    BTW, I posted this problem on this list back last December when I first
    got the computer and discovered the problem. If I remember from the
    responses, no one could figure it out back then either. I spent a
    couple of weeks on and off trying to work with Dell support.

    I am not really asking this group for help, as I have already been
    there and done that.

    And I not sure that a dell tech or anyone else could figure it out
    unless they were in possession of the computer. And since I use it
    everyday I really can not afford to be without it.

    lgreenwood, Mar 21, 2006
  13. lgreenwood

    Von Fourche Guest

    I want Dell laptop for $300.
    Von Fourche, Mar 22, 2006
  14. lgreenwood

    Tom Scales Guest

    You can get one for $499, which is amazing.
    Tom Scales, Mar 22, 2006
  15. lgreenwood

    Leythos Guest

    Larry, are you always an A$$? You purposely misspell my name in what
    appears to be mal intent, you suggest that I tell people to lie, but,
    I've not done that. There is a simple system in place, if you are a
    business you can order online, get business resources, and go from there
    - I specifically pointed out that many people can actually be a business
    when they didn't think of it before.

    Now, if you don't like anyone being a business, then take a moment and
    shove it up your a$$ sideways - as many people easily qualify for being
    a business and didn't know it.

    If you want to be "Honest" then don't reply, keep being a sheep, and
    stay a non-business - it's people like you that drive the cost of
    higher-level support up.
    Leythos, Mar 22, 2006
  16. lgreenwood

    lgreenwood Guest


    I most sincerely apologize to you and to the members of this group for
    my comments that offended.

    I know now that you were merely proposing a solution to what really
    appears to me to be a serious gap in support services for the home
    user. So please rest assured that my response was directed not toward
    you but rather at a support system that makes "bending the truth"
    necessary to get something that should be available anyway. And maybe
    even "bending the truth" is too strong. I don't know.

    I am going to take some time and research further this service problem
    that seems to plaque the home user. Like everyone in this group I
    really like Dell products. Like a lot of the members of this group I
    am now a home user, but I am not pleased with the service, especially
    service that I have paid for.

    But Leythos, again please forgive me. Would you email me off group to
    and give me your email address? I have a question I
    want to ask you and I also want to apologize personally....

    BTW, I didn't intentionally misspell your name, its my typing.

    lgreenwood, Mar 22, 2006
  17. lgreenwood

    journey Guest

    I'll lie through my teeth any day to get a better deal from Small
    Business if one is offered there. Dell even knows people lie about

    I don't see God at the Pearly Gates saying that I have to live in the
    low-rent area of heaven because I said I was a Small Business to get a
    630m instead of a XPS 140.

    And HELL our society is built on lying these days, unfortunately. In
    Politics our "leaders" lie all the time. If I am going to live in a
    shallow society I might as well reap some of the benefits of it too

    journey, Mar 22, 2006
  18. Many refuse to lower themselves to the level of liars.
    "And HELL our society is built on lying these days, unfortunately."
    Perhaps you should say "Most problems of our society are built on lying
    these days."
    The lying is a major root of societies problems and I refuse to deliberately
    contribute in that way.
    I also see a great many honest people and choose to follow the path of
    Whether others do something or not has never been a good reason to do

    Hopefully you will stop complaining about those who do as you do.
    Jupiter Jones, Mar 22, 2006
  19. lgreenwood

    journey Guest

    Well, really, Dell knows that a lot of people who buy their Small
    Business laptops are not Small Business users.

    It's just a convenient way to separate groups because it's a barrier
    to many small consumers who don't realize that you don't have to prove
    you are a small business.

    Many of my past PC's were only available through Small Business, like
    the Latitude notebooks.

    So, it's not really a lie, it's playing by the unwritten rules.


    Related concept: have you eliminated all lies, or white lies from
    your life?

    Didn't think so -- if you answer "yes", you're a liar :p

    journey, Mar 23, 2006
  20. lgreenwood

    Notan Guest

    You keep saying that Dell knows people lie.

    Unless *you* know, first hand, your statement is nothing more than

    Notan, Mar 23, 2006
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