'The Bios Is Not Installed' P4C800ED

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Michael Hobbs, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. This message greeted me as I started a new computer and pressed the Del. Key
    to bring up the BIOS. Please Help.

    I have done many computers off of ASUS motherboards. Never have I run into
    this issue
    Michael Hobbs, Apr 28, 2005
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  2. Michael Hobbs

    Ghostrider Guest

    Certainly very unexpected for a factory-fresh motherboard,
    direct from Asus, but quite possible for a motherboard that
    had been returned to the vendor with the bios cleared. Re-
    check the cmos jumper settings and re-flash bios. Also check
    for condition of CMOS battery. If this action fails, then bios
    chip needs replacement.
    Ghostrider, Apr 28, 2005
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  3. Michael Hobbs

    Paul Guest

    The message:

    "No drive attached to FastTrak controller, The BIOS is not installed"

    is part of the Promise 20378 RAID BIOS, and means that no drives
    are connected to the 20378, therefore the RAID BIOS is being

    There is another module in the BIOS, something to do with SATA378,
    which says "BIOS is not installed". Perhaps the modules handle
    running the 20378 in RAID and IDE mode respectively. (This info
    was extracted with AMIBCP75 - a tool which apparently does not
    extract everything inside the BIOS, as I don't see the copy
    of EZFlash in there that I was expecting.)

    The BIOS is supposed to consist of the Boot Block code and the main BIOS
    code. The Boot Block is not supposed to have enough smarts to be
    able to initialize an AGP card (thus, if using Boot Block recovery,
    you cannot see the progress on the screen).

    If the main BIOS code is corrupted, the Boot Block code does a
    checksum of the main BIOS code, before jumping to the main BIOS.
    You would get a BIOS corruption error message if there was a problem
    from that perspecive.

    It sounds like you have entered the main BIOS, and for some reason
    are getting hung up in some code that talks to the 20378.
    (Plugging amplified speakers into the Lineout audio connector,
    might allow you to hear any voice error messages coming from
    the Vocal POST.)

    Perhaps you could read up on EZflash in the manual. You are
    supposed to be able to press <alt> F2, and that should prompt
    you with the "User recovery requested" message. Make sure the
    floppy or CD with the P4C800ED.ROM file is loaded into the
    drive, so there won't be any foulups. I've heard that
    EZFlash isn't bulletproof, and after it is finished, you
    might not be able to boot the board, but at this point
    I expect you would not be much worse off than where you
    are currently. And, since you are not getting a message
    about the BIOS being corrupted, it could mean that the
    processor, memory, and other components are stable
    enough to take a chance on flashing the BIOS.

    Paul, Apr 28, 2005
  4. Michael Hobbs

    DaveW Guest

    If it's a new computer and the Bios is missing, you'll have to return the
    board for a Warranty Replacement of it.
    DaveW, Apr 29, 2005
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