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Discussion in 'Acer' started by audaxrex, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. audaxrex

    audaxrex Guest

    ...I hope someone can shed some light on an odd
    problem. Simply, I was typing away in Word 2002 when the computer
    a small noise and - my file disappeared. Word stayed open but the doc
    was gone.
    This happened on a new Acer Aspire N270 Netbook with a 1gb Atom
    processor and 160gb HD. The Word isn't the one it came with on trial
    but one I installed.
    At the time the battery wasn't installed. I'm told that if you
    it with the adapter and house current while the battery is fully
    charged, the life of the Li-on battery is reduced. However, I don't
    think this was a power fluctuation because nothing flickered or
    wavered etc.
    I reopened the original doc. It was still there. Then I I went
    looking for a temp version of the file and fooled with the 'recover
    file' line in the document-type space and eventually found something
    with the file name preceeded with a squiggle. When I opened it, I got
    my own name repeated three times.
    Should I not have reopened the original before hunting up the
    The autosave was on and set for ten minutes. I wasn't sure if it
    saved anything on the original doc or not. I did loose work, tho.
    When I was first loading stuff into this machine a month ago, I
    stupidly withdrew a USB key without closing it. At that time I also
    had a word file open, and on that occasion my entire 'my documents'
    simply disappeared, tho all my programs remained and seemed fine. Did
    I do some damage at that time that might be related?
    Any idea what happened? is my hard drive acting up? I don't see
    this happening to others when I search but my worry is that this
    happen again. And yes I am doing a LOT of saving... thanks for
    this far, folks, and fire away - dax
    audaxrex, Jan 22, 2010
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