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The paradoxicality of Company of Heroe's (Tales of Valor)

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Hello,

    The computer/video game "Company of Heroe's; Tales of Valor" has something

    The objective of the game is "annihilation".

    This means destroying the base of the enemy ?!?

    No ask yourself a question:

    "Why would I want to destroy the base of the enemy ?!?"

    It doesn't make too much sense for me... because of the following:

    "I enjoy killing of enemy troops much more than blowing up stupid

    "I enjoy conquering the land much more than rushing towards the enemy".

    "I enjoy letting the opponent suffer without land".

    "I enjoy killing tanks much more than assaulting the base".

    However, actually conquering the base is hard ? or is it ? Maybe I just
    don't wanna conquer it...

    Because when I do the game is over ?!

    So maybe Company of Heroe's needs other objectives like:

    "A frag limit". Getting 200 kills first.

    I would enjoy that a lot me thinks :)

    This also forces everybody to be more carefull about their troops ?!

    "Who can play most efficient ?!?" That would be cool to find out ;)

    Something has to be done to make the end-objective more attractive...

    Maybe add some pussies in the buildings so they can get raped LOL.

    Here is an idea:

    Maybe place ammunitions and fuel inside enemy base...

    So when enemy base is conquered or raided... the player gets bonuses !

    That would make it much more attractive to try and conquer the enemy base !

    Skybuck =D
    Skybuck Flying, Jun 11, 2009
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  2. Another idea could be to give all players a "one-time-base".

    Which means if the buildings are destroyed they remain destroyed.

    The game tries to have a high realism level... however building tank
    factories in a few seconds seems highly unrealistic to me...

    So remove this anti-realism from the game and suddenly it could become a
    really thrilling game.. where there really is something to protect "your
    base"... and where there really is a major gain from "rushing the enemy" ->
    unexpected destruction... be it partially or totally...

    I am pretty sure this would suddenly make destroying the enemy base a much
    more thrilling experience...

    This would make it more like the game "stratego"... I get a major kick from
    capturing the flag there...

    It's mostly because sometimes it's a one-way-trip... my minor goes there...
    knowing that it's a one way trip... he either makes it... or he dies...

    So it's either enemy dies or me dies...

    It could also be something else... like a general taking a high risk...
    trying to get the enemy flag by stepping on it... so it could be a bomb or
    it get be a flag or anything else for that matter...

    I miss this suddenly thrill/excited/reward level/experience in Company of
    Heroes and I find it lacking ?!

    So PLEASE do something about it...

    Make it more thrilling to destroy enemy base :)

    I gave you the recipe above !

    Make it a one time base.... make it a game mode ?! or maybe even something
    mandatory !

    At least give it a try ! =D

    Skybuck Flying, Jun 11, 2009
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  3. Actually it could almost completely be like stratego.

    Which means a "resource-limited" game.

    Instead of giving the enemy points for capturing terrain... the game could
    be turned up-side down.

    No resource-bullshit from terrain.

    Instead the players get one-time-tanks and one-time-soldiers etc...

    Nothing can be re-builded... tanks cannot be re-build... soldiers cannot be

    The only benefit from capturing terrain could be "supply chain".

    Tanks have limited ammo, soldiers have limited ammo...

    To be able to resupply there could be some kind of resupply system...

    Resupply roads to protect...

    There could actually be computer controlled conveys of fuel/ammo supplies
    which might need protection as well..

    And ofcourse finally there would be an objective... like destroy the enemies

    (A sort of capture the flag/base).

    There never actually has been a strategy game with all three concepts

    1. Limited fuel for vehicles.
    2. Limited ammo for vehicles.
    3. Supply chain.
    4. One-time-bases.

    Doing repair on bases might be possible... doing repair on tanks might be
    possible... maybe even healing soldiers... but that's it...

    When it's gone it's gone ;)

    I am not sure if the game could then still be called "Company of Heroe's"
    because it would be something different...

    However maybe calling it "Company of Heroe's 2" might sound believable ;) :)

    (2 being the more realistic version... in concept...)

    Skybuck Flying, Jun 11, 2009
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