The Ultimate GigaSystem Abit IC7 MAX 3 vs IC7-G and IC-7

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Hardware hacking 4phun, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. Has anyone tried the new Abit IC7 MAX 3 yet? Is it worth the rather steep
    $279+ ?
    Those must be some very expensive upgraded components!

    Will flash menus be avaiable for older IC-7 boards?
    Who is beta testing these things?

    From Abit ....

    ABIT's MAX 3: The Rise of Cooling
    The IC7-MAX3 is Launched

    Taipei, Taiwan, July 25th 2003 - ABIT is proud to announce our latest
    motherboard, the heir to the fabled MAX series with the latest unique ABIT
    Engineered solution that will redefine the industry. The IC7-MAX3 is
    equipped with features never even conceived for a desktop motherboard. For
    users who require MAXimum security and storage, the ABIT MAX3 features 6
    channel serial ATA RAID with the Silicon Image 4-port serial ATA RAID
    controller plus native 2 channel support, as well as ABIT's latest ABIT
    Engineered™ feature: Secure IDE™. But what is most exciting about MAX3 is
    that it features the most advanced cooling technology ever seen before on a

    MAX3 will bring to your PC:
    MAXimum Cooling
    MAXimum Performance
    MAXimum Storage
    MAXimum Quality
    MAXimum Security
    MAXimum Overclocking
    MAXimum Multimedia
    MAXimum Engineering

    MAXimum Cooling

    The original OTES redefined VGA cooling to the point where manufacturers are
    now using gimmicks like multiple fan combinations on VGA cards in a vain
    effort to match the cooling prowess of OTES. Now, in the interests of
    cooling and performance, OTES has been redesigned to cool the hottest part
    of a motherboard: the PWM power regulation mosfets and capacitors. While
    active cooling on the northbridge has been developed in recent years, the
    PWM area has been completely ignored. OTES fills this need, while also
    serving to exhaust air outside of the PC case.

    MAXimum Security

    For MAX3, the ABIT Engineers listened to users who were asking for
    information security. SecureIDE connects to your IDE hard disk and has a
    special decoder; without a special key, your hard disk cannot be opened by
    anyone. Thus hackers and would be information thieves cannot access your
    hard disk, even if they remove it from your PC. Protect your privacy and
    keep anyone from snooping into your information. Lock down your hard disk,
    not with a password, but with encryption. A password can be cracked by
    software in a few hours. ABIT's SecureIDE will keep government
    supercomputers busy for weeks and will keep the RIAA away from your Kazaa

    MAXimum LAN

    With on board Intel PRO/1000 CT Desktop Connection Gigabit LAN, ABIT
    IC7-MAX3 users have overclocked LAN: Intel's PRO Gigabit LAN increases
    throughput by 50%, with real-world gains of up to 30%.

    MAXimum Performance

    The IC7-MAX3 is tuned up and ready to rumble. With ABIT's Game Acceleration
    Technology, users have the choice of three performance modes: Turbo, Street
    Racer and F1 to boost performance up to 17%.

    MAXimum Multimedia

    Only ABIT offers SPDIF In/Out for the ultimate in multimedia connectivity.
    Due to our extensive experience in audio technology with our speaker systems
    and AU-10 sound card, ABIT motherboards undergo rigorous testing at the ABIT
    Audio Research Laboratories in Taipei, Taiwan, ensuring that audiophiles and
    gamers alike will be satisfied with the richness and clarity of ABIT onboard
    audio. And, for the ultimate in connectivity to peripheral devices, the
    IC7-MAX3 comes complete with 3 Firewire ports and 8 USB2.0 ports!

    Flash Menu: The Most Advanced One-click BIOS Update

    Three years in the making, we feel this 1 click BIOS update from ABIT is the
    most stable windows -based BIOS flash available. Without worries from
    crashing, and with a quick 1 click BIOS update, ABIT users can quickly get
    back to doing what they do best-fragging.

    MAXimum Accessories

    The MAX3 comes loaded with extra stuff, like 4 SATA cables and 2 Round IDE
    cables to ensure you are always well-connected.

    Product Positioning

    The Ultimate GigaSystem: Even the LAN is 30% faster!
    IC7-MAX3: 3 Firewire, 8 USB 2.0, Intel PRO Gigabit LAN, AGP8X PRO and
    Optical SPDIF In. ABIT Engineering brings you OTES onboard cooling,
    SecureIDE, 6 Serial ATA RAID 0/1 Channels, 4 Phase Power, FanEQ and the
    GigaSystem Overclock

    The GigaSystem: Even the LAN is 30% faster!
    The IC7-G is the IC7-MAX3 with 4 Serial ATA Channels and without OTES
    onboard cooling and without SecureIDE.

    The GigaSystem: Get to know a 1+GHz FSB
    IC7 is the IC7-G without 2nd SATA RAID and Intel PRO Gigabit LAN

    A Pure Overclocking Motherboard
    BH7: For those wanting an 845PE board, the BH7 is a pure overclocking
    machine with 4-phase power. Built by Overclockers, for Overclockers.
    Hardware hacking 4phun, Aug 25, 2003
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