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The ultimate "recovery" cd insult delivered by Sony

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by JDTHREE [MVP], Jul 9, 2004.

  1. Today one of my employees got his new laptop - a Sony Vaio.

    Imagine my surprise when not only didn't it come with a disc for XP
    Pro (expected that) but it didn't even come with a recovery disc! And
    it's not an "imaged" one that you run from the drive...

    When you boot it up, the first thing it tells you is that you have to
    create your rescue disc. It informs you that you need 10 (yes, TEN)
    CD's and each will take approximately 15 minutes to create.

    So up to 2.5 hours you have to spend making your own recovery discs
    when you get your new laptop...

    What an insult.

    JDTHREE [MVP], Jul 9, 2004
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    Chris H. Guest

    Reminds me of the mid-1980s when the company I worked for received new
    desktop computers. Headquarters had gotten a "deal" on them, but then spent
    hundreds of dollars for all the floppies needed to "save" the entire install
    so we had something to restore if it went bad. I believe we needed to make
    something like 128 floppies for each computer. Even the individual program
    floppies weren't sent. The company never bought that brand again. :cool:
    Chris H., Jul 9, 2004
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  3. It's amazing just what lengths a company will go to in order to save
    them the cost of those couple nickles for the CD media. And we all
    know that CDR's we make ourselves aren't as tough as a real pressed
    CD, they don't last as long, and aren't as resistant to things like

    Oh well - back to making the recovery CD's. Only have another 2 hours
    or so to go...


    JDTHREE [MVP], Jul 9, 2004
  4. IBM has been doing this for a while. I bought a Thinkpad A31p then a X31
    neither shipped with recovery CDs, there was a recovery partition on the
    hard drive. IBM will mail them to you at no cost, but you need to call and
    that doesn't usually happen until a drive failure ;)

    For my next notebook/tablet, getting the full install CDs is going to weight
    heavily in my decision. With the Thinkpads, the recovery CDs are helpful,
    but if you set up multiple partitions, it all gets erased; I rarely use one

    Regards-Michael G.
    Michael Gerbasio, Jul 9, 2004
    Alex Genevsky, Jul 9, 2004
    Alex Genevsky, Jul 9, 2004

    Chris H. Guest

    The more recent "redo" CD/DVDs I've seen ask if you wish to repair,
    reinstall or completely wipe the hard drive back to factory specs. Nice to
    be able to have multiple partitions, and only format the C: drive itself
    leaving everything else alone.
    Chris H., Jul 9, 2004

    root Guest

    I couldn't agree more and this is NOT a Sony nor OEM issue.

    This is a MICROSOFT issue.
    root, Jul 9, 2004

    root Guest

    As it rightfully should. You realize that decision automatically EXCLUDES
    TabletPCs as none come with a full XP install CD. That's due to MS and not
    the OEMs.
    root, Jul 9, 2004

    Alex B Guest

    Toshiba seem to be ok with the recovery disks ....
    Alex B, Jul 9, 2004
  11. At least in IBM's favor you said they'll ship them for free. Sony
    gives you a nice link to their website where you can BUY them if you
    want to get the factory pressed ones...

    JDTHREE [MVP], Jul 9, 2004
  12. I think there are some legal or license problems.
    Massimo Santin, Jul 9, 2004

    root Guest

    Toshiba's are still recovery/image restore disk and NOT clean OS install
    root, Jul 10, 2004

    root Guest

    Yes and MS is behind that problem.
    root, Jul 10, 2004
  15. The more recent "redo" CD/DVDs I've seen ask if you wish to repair,
    No such luck with my X31 which I just needed to reload since I've upgraded
    the harddrive. IBM now has a rapid restore program that can be downloaded
    which I believe does save the partitions. It isn't restore to factory
    settings, it is a drive image so you have to do a backup prior to the
    restore (using the latest version-won't work with older versions).

    I'm not sure who is at fault, MS or the hardware vendors, but it really
    sucks when you don't get the full install disks. Very user unfriendly.

    Regards-Michael G.
    Michael Gerbasio, Jul 10, 2004

    root Guest

    It's MS!
    root, Jul 10, 2004

    Grumpy Troll Guest

    I see a trend here:

    My computer's fan stopped working:
    Root: It's MS!

    My Wife left me:
    Root: It's MS!

    My dog ran away:
    Root: It's MS!

    Grumpy Troll
    (spent all weekend painting the house)
    Grumpy Troll, Jul 12, 2004

    terri Guest

    LOL - I'd rather be painting. I'm still scraping and sanding.
    terri, Jul 12, 2004

    terri Guest

    LOL - and it's not available when I need it. :)
    terri, Jul 12, 2004

    root Guest

    Provide a reason other than MS policies that no OEM provides a bootable full
    XP Tablet PC Edition install CD! That CD is invaluable to the experienced
    in debugging various kinds of issues. Removing that tool from MS's cadre of
    experts and professionals that don't have MSDN HURTS the product and causes
    fixes and analysis of problems to be much less robust and timely. MS is
    shooting itself in the foot.

    The Toshiba 3500 then M200 problem that is in recent threads has been
    outstanding for over a year. Toshiba has NOT addressed it. I would have
    given it some effort IF I had a clean install CD. The lack of that clean
    install CD causes a shrug and walk away and that rubs off on the product
    root, Jul 12, 2004
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