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There's an app for that: NNTP news reader for Android

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by John Navas, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. John Navas

    John Navas Guest

    Groundhog Usenet Reader --
    remarkably capable and usable even though it's free
    * International charset support
    * Online/Offline modes
    * Colors for quoting
    * MIME/uuencoded attachments
    * Threading
    * Starring and banning of authors & threads
    * Notifications
    John Navas, Jul 4, 2010
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  2. John Navas

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Somewhere on teh intarwebs John Navas wrote:

    [snip OT spam]

    Here was me thinking that your second post might have been an "Ooops, sorry
    folks, wrong newsgroup" type of post.
    ~misfit~, Jul 8, 2010
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  3. Anthony R. Gold, Jul 10, 2010
  4. John Navas

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Thanks Tony, I'll see if my NNTP host carries it.
    ~misfit~, Jul 12, 2010
  5. By your self-important definition the vast majority of Internet News,
    measured either by newsgroup count or by posting volume, is "rogue".

    Anthony R. Gold, Jul 12, 2010
  6. Mine doesn't. It's not an official NG, apparently. The AT&T servers carried it, but they're out of the NNTP biz. :-(
    LOL! Sometimes, it even does a "military wipe". :)
    Tom Rutherford, Jul 12, 2010
  7. Calm down, even posting that just once would already have been too many.

    I thank you for complimenting me on something I never wrote but that post of
    yours was "relevant" to nothing except to your own hypocrisy.

    You wrote the charter of this group which says:

    "The following types of posts are prohibited:
    * Off-topic (not directly related to ThinkPad laptop computers)"

    Because I am happy to discuss Thinkpads anywhere with anyone.

    Tony - now typing on an X60s.
    Anthony R. Gold, Jul 13, 2010
  8. John Navas

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Ditto Tony. I have four ThinkPads on my desk, two more in a drawer and one
    in a carry-bag fully charged and ready to go, several of which I bought as
    'parts' and built back up. I subscribe here for the same reason that I
    joined forums.thinkpad.com, I'm always ready to learn more about ThinkPads
    and help anyone who is having trouble with a ThinkPad if I can.

    Shaun - now typing on a T60 type 2007-7KU.
    ~misfit~, Jul 14, 2010
  9. John Navas

    ~misfit~ Guest

    I checked, mine does and apparently I've already posted there. (Damn
    Grrrr! <g> I know it's often said but, in all truth, reading that with a
    mouthful of coffee and a cup to my lips nearly cost me dearly. :)
    ~misfit~, Jul 14, 2010

  10. Fear not! eternal-september.org carries it. And since it 1) is free 2)
    has stellar coverage of the text groups and 3) supports SSL, I'd
    heartily recommend it for pretty much everything but binaries.
    Robert Tomsick, Jul 15, 2010
  11. :) Maybe I'll try a different server. I don't want to pay for it if I don't have to. Income's fixed; I'm broke.
    It's why I don't drink anything but purified water at the computer. Spit takes can be a pain. :)
    Tom Rutherford, Jul 16, 2010
  12. Thanks, Robert. I might just wander over there.
    Tom Rutherford, Jul 16, 2010
  13. John Navas

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Yeah, me too mate, me too. Invalid on welfare here.

    I see in your other post that Robert's pointed you in the same direction I
    went, Eternal September. Not only an excellent free service but a great name
    for a usenet providor. :)
    ~misfit~, Jul 17, 2010
  14. Yep. Same here. Social Security Disability.
    Yes, and here I am! :) First news server I've seen that does SSL encryption. I like it. Makes me feel like my cyber-tush isn't hanging out in the wind.
    Tom Rutherford, Jul 17, 2010
  15. John Navas

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Sorry to hear it. It can be more of an existence than a 'life' sometimes.
    Cool! Good news then. :)
    ~misfit~, Jul 20, 2010
  16. Actually, it seems that I do just a little bit better all the time. It has
    more to do with falling prices of my favorite toys, maybe, but I usually
    have a little left over to play with, after the bills are paid, etc.
    F'rinstance, since April, I've been able to buy a new internal hard drive
    for the desktop, upgrade it to WinXP Pro SP3, double its memory, buy a
    Kensington Expert Mouse for it (had the Version 4.0 back in the '90s, and
    loved it, but had to give it up when Win98SE wouldn't support it), and a
    portable HP SimpleSave drive, primarily for the ThinkPad, but I'm using it
    on the desktop, too. Oh, and a couple of 4GB flash drives, because they
    were such a good deal. My ham radio hobby feels abandoned, but all three of
    my rigs are working well, so no biggie there.
    I'm working on that. I had bariatric surgery (gastric bypass) in March, and
    I'm getting into the "eat to live" frame of mind, not "live to eat", as
    before. As of yesterday, I've lost 89 pounds since my heaviest in February.
    :) Feeling great, too! Type-2 diabetes is resolving, blood pressure is
    almost to the point where I don't need that medicine, either, and I've been
    off the inhalers for a couple months, now. Still over 100 pounds to go
    before I'm where I want to be, but it's coming!
    Tom Rutherford, Jul 20, 2010
  17. John Navas

    ~misfit~ Guest

    My hobby is my computers. I switched from desktops to laptops about 2 years
    ago, ostensibly as a power saving thing. Previously I used to make my own
    desktops, initially from other people's cast-offs, then from (mostly) new
    parts. I'd build machines for some hard-core gamers I know and, as payment,
    take the parts from their old machines. These year-old graphics cards etc.
    were still way more powerful than I needed.

    When I was thinking of moving to laptops I asked a couple IT professionals
    and was told that, for second-hand and for the ability to 'work on' them as
    well as reliability you couldn't go past ThinkPads.

    I have five working ThinkPads at the moment, three T60s (two with Flexview
    screens), an R51 (FlexView) and an R40. I've also built up and sold ona
    couple other R51s and similar, buying them as 'parts kits' and then making
    three out of four (or similar). I play on-line games where I can have up to
    four characters in the same game (Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction) and
    previously I'd use four desktops with a couple KVMs. Now I just have
    I bake my own whole wheat bread and it constitutes around 80% of my diet,
    taking the place of all other 'carb filler' components of meals. It's an
    extremely healthy bread, I started baking it as an alternative to gagging
    down the amount of 'soluble fibre' supplements I had to take to keep gastric
    health while taking opiod painkillers.

    It progressed for there to include a large %age of freshly ground flax seed
    (amongst many other things) and my health has never been better. In my 50th
    year my cholesterol levels and profile are the best that they've been in my
    life and I weigh less now than I've weighed since I was 14 years old. I've
    been able to stop taking several medications by developing and eating my
    'staff of life' bread so that it's as nutritionally complete as possible. It
    tastes great too!
    ~misfit~, Jul 22, 2010
  18. I've built my own desktops for quite a while, but my next one, if I don't go
    laptop, will probably be a Lenovo or Dell box already put together. I'll
    have to compare features, prices, and the amount of garbageware I'd have to
    deal with on the pre-built boxes.
    Yep. That was one of my deciding factors when I bought the laptop I have,
    now. Another one was the TrackPoint. If Lenovo ever gets rid of that, I'm
    going to be bummed. I *hate* touchpads!
    Nice. I've just got the one R51 that's readily usable. I have an ancient
    ThinkPad from back in the 486 days, but I can't tell you what the model or
    type numbers are right off, and it's buried in the closet. I did use my R51
    as a desktop replacement, temporarily, when I had to rebuild this box a few
    years ago. I hooked my 19" display, trackball, speakers, etc., up to it,
    using the docking station, and became rather fond of having such a cool and
    quiet computer as the main one. At the time, it only had the stock 40GB (I
    think it was) hard drive and CD-ROM, since upgraded to 80GB and DVD burner,
    respectively. I may be asking here (or in the other NG) later about how
    much capacity the R51's BIOS can handle, assuming I can find a PATA hard
    drive for it anymore. Lenovo only supports 80GB for that machine, but if
    the BIOS can handle more, I might as well do more. Its only drawback right
    now, other than drive capacity, is the 1.7GHz processor.
    Oh, I'd be dangerous if I made my own bread! :) Nothing like fresh baked
    bread, but it cries out for butter! :-(
    Tom Rutherford, Jul 22, 2010
  19. That is, assuming they give you an OS install disk, and not that
    God-forsaken restore and recovery partition. That's one good thing about
    rolling your own. You buy an OEM copy of your favorite OS, and you know
    what's there. Of course, with Linux coming on so strong, I probably won't
    go beyond WinXP Pro SP3.
    In all of the Lenovo E-mails I get, I always look for that little telltale
    "nub" on the keyboard. :)
    Very nice. That beats my desktop, aside from the hard drive space. Total
    on this box is ~1.5TB on two drives, if you don't count the externals. :)
    I put my old 120GB internal into an external enclosure, and I bought a
    little HP SimpleSave 640GB drive. The HP was primarily for the laptop, but
    I've had it sitting here on the desktop for several weeks. Maybe I'll get
    me another one for the desktop, remove the desktop backups from this one,
    and put this one with the laptop.
    Tom Rutherford, Jul 24, 2010
  20. John Navas

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Somewhere on teh intarwebs Tom Rutherford wrote:
    My R51 runs a 160GB Seagate, the best price-point for a large HDD I could
    find at the time.
    ~misfit~, Jul 25, 2010
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