They're doing something right

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Bob Levine, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. Bob Levine

    Bob Levine Guest

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  2. Bob Levine

    veryweezy Guest

    no doubt all they money they saved by sending american jobs to china and
    india. dirty money.
    veryweezy, Apr 8, 2004
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  3. Maybe, it's possible, that this country and its people are tired of
    being run by unions, crooked union bosses and union demands. Great
    way to BUST unions wide open. I like the idea of companies being run
    by themselves without unions trying to control them. GWB is pretty
    smart after all! Unions were great 60 years ago. Today...not needed!
    Michael P Gabriel, Apr 8, 2004
  4. and the alterative being what? having overpriced computers that no one buys
    due to inflated labour costs and being on the brink of going out of
    Christopher Muto, Apr 8, 2004
  5. Bob Levine

    veryweezy Guest

    not a big union fan myself. BUT it is clear the power pendulum has swung
    too far to the other side. no system works when either side has too much
    power and influence.
    veryweezy, Apr 8, 2004
  6. Bob Levine

    veryweezy Guest

    the usual "the sky is falling" malarkey. so dell can't employ americans
    because it puts them at a competitive disadvantage? maybe they should be
    telling all of their american customers this? of course not. they'd rather
    try and con them with the illusion of support from incompetents abroad.
    dells profit spike will be temporary as the long term affects of lowered
    quality take hold. sell your dell stock now.
    veryweezy, Apr 8, 2004
  7. as usual, you are missing the point and again offer no alternative. you
    only complain. and you do it in a way that makes you sound as if you think
    that you are superior to everyone else, as if you have some heightened
    awareness or insight that everyone else fails to see (referring to your
    theory about being coned by dell that you feel other people are not bright
    enough to make that determine for themselves). your remarks are shallow and
    without merit and as such understandably force you to reduce yourself to
    name calling.
    Christopher Muto, Apr 8, 2004
  8. Bob Levine

    veryweezy Guest

    as usual, you are missing the point

    you make no point. just some unsubstantiated claim of going bankrupt.
    funny how companies stayed in business for decades by employing americans
    but for some reason can't seem to do it now. maybe if they stopped paying
    their ceo $100 million bonuses? think that might make a difference?
    i guess you're a bit more dense than you come across. let me spell it out.
    employe americans, pay them a decent wage and price your product to cover
    expenses and make some profit. now let me hear how this model is impossible
    even though there are thousands of companies doing it.
    yes, im a flippin' genius! and im not gullible. i'm not easily fed lines
    of BS when it is perfectly clear what is going on. companies can't afford
    to pay americans for their work but can afford to pay their execs multi
    multi million dollar salaries and bonuses. tell me im imaging this too.
    oh many people are smart enough to figure out what is going on and are just
    now starting to wake up. like i said, sell your dell stock now. the
    ripples will become waves.
    force you > to reduce yourself to name calling.

    the only thing shallow and without merit around here is your mindless
    drumbeating for dells business practices. they pulled the rug out from
    under their paying customers by swapping competent american tech support
    with unintelligible substandard foreign support. people that paid $3000 for
    a system get crap support. people that paid $499 get crap support. if they
    have to reduce costs, then charge the $499 for the service. they won't do
    it because they want to keep suckering people in with their claims of award
    winning support. meanwhile the $3000 customer has something of value taken
    from them with no compensation (or even an apology) offered in return.

    now, please keep spewing the dell corp. line.... we've heard it all before
    and it just keeps sounding dumber and dumber the more dell makes, the more
    they pay their execs, and the more people they lay off and then rehire in
    veryweezy, Apr 8, 2004
  9. Bob Levine

    veryweezy Guest

    Dell's Net Income:

    2004 $2,645,000,000
    2003 $2,122,000,000
    2002 $1,246,000,000
    2001 $2,177,000,000
    2000 $1,666,000,000

    Check out page 25 of 43:
    to see what the execs make and how many stock options they're given.

    Certainly doesn't look like Dell is going out of business! And the new
    Executive Annual Incentive Bonus Plan will I'm sure mean more U.S. Dell
    employees being axed so that the stock price is driven up in order for the
    Execs to maximize the value of their stock options.

    I also like the statement in one of their SEC filings about them possibly
    paying less taxes if their operations shift overseas or to lower tax
    environments. All while around 70% of their sales is coming from the
    Americas. Corporate greed at its best.
    veryweezy, Apr 8, 2004
  10. Bob Levine

    Gus Guest

    Nonsense, unions are needed more today than 30 years ago. Workers need
    some economic leverage to counter the federal govt & companies, which
    are currently working hand in glove to screw the workers, e.g.,
    declining wages, declining benefits, declining job security, etc.
    Gus, Apr 8, 2004
  11. Bob Levine

    Gus Guest

    Exactly (although this has little to do with Dell computers)!
    Gus, Apr 8, 2004
  12. Right? Whatabout the stockholders and the profit motive, prevalent in
    every country; except, that is, except North Korea, North Vietnam,
    Cuba and some remaining commie lovers in Russia. Big Bonuses....?
    Corporate Greed? Sure, the government should run every business. How
    great would that be? One gives his socialogic and political views
    away without even realizing it. If I were you, I'd try to hide it! Oh,
    and vote for GWB!! Forget your upbringing and think for yourself for a
    Michael P Gabriel, Apr 9, 2004
  13. you lack basic understanding of economics. if you believe so strongly in
    your view then why not start a pc company of your own and cut into dells
    market share. deep down i think you know the reason why you (or anyone
    else) won't based on your ideas.
    Christopher Muto, Apr 9, 2004

  14. Who said ANYONE is OWED job with ANY benefits? Are you that lazy
    that you can't provide for yourself? Who said that it's corporate
    America's responsibility to provide healthcare for you? Just like a can't fend for yourself, so you have someone else do
    it. My company provides healthcare, but I declined, why? Because I'm
    super rich? No, because I shopped around and found something for
    around the same price (a little more) with LESS restrictions. I can
    fend for myself thank you very much. And, if the rest of this lazy
    country would start to take care of themselves, instead of insisting
    on the government, or corporations, we, as a whole would be better
    Name withheld by request, Apr 9, 2004
  15. Bob Levine

    Gus Guest

    No one said that, Mr. Strawman with the CAPS.
    My point, not that you'll have any better grasp the 2nd time than the
    first, is that a union gives the workers some economic clout when
    negotiating with management. Think of it as leveling the playing field,
    not that you rightwingnuts want that in real life.
    Gus, Apr 9, 2004
  16. Bob Levine

    Gus Guest

    Michael P Gabriel wrote:

    I have no problem voting for the George Washington Bridge. As far as the
    whining little coke monkey in the White House, I'd rather perform a DIY
    castration than vote for him.
    This is rich - the rightwingnuts consider repeating the party line from
    Rush & Rove as thinking for themselves!! You guys kill me. ;)

    I won't be lopping off my naughty bits this fall, BTW.
    Gus, Apr 9, 2004
  17. Gus, you certainly have a way with words. Your posts are entertaining and
    occasionally useful. Which is more than you can say about me.

    Rocket J. Squirrel, Apr 9, 2004
  18. Bob Levine

    veryweezy Guest

    a complete and total dodge of the points made in my response. a standard
    debating tactic, change the subject when the point is lost.

    making over over $2 billion a year, most of it from the same people they are
    screwing by moving their jobs overseas and swapping substandard support for
    competent support to thousands of customers. dell pays no dividends and
    probably never will (once you do it stockholders expect you to keep doing

    "take and shaft", the new dell corp. motto.

    and when dell falls a bit more there will indeed be a good opportunity to
    eat its lunch. the day will come.
    veryweezy, Apr 9, 2004
  19. Bob Levine

    veryweezy Guest

    well, now that you've had your little breakdown do you feel better? good,
    now let's get some things straight. i am a capitalist and have even owned
    my own business. you seem to think (ill give you a little credit) there is
    nothing in between communism and a corporately run capitalist system. there
    is. it is called responsible capitalism. it involves treating your
    employees properly, respecting and protecting the environment, returning a
    fair return to investors. investors should not have the expectation that
    their investment will be used to the detriment of all else to fill their
    pockets. much of this runs against human nature for too many people and
    that is the sad part. it shouldn't be how high you can float your own boat
    at the expense of others (exec incentive plans). it should be able floating
    the boat that contains everybody that helps the company succeed (employees).
    and don't steal from your customers by substituting substandard support for
    competent support just so execs can pocket millions in bonuses.
    veryweezy, Apr 9, 2004
  20. Bob Levine

    Gus Guest

    LOL :)
    Gus, Apr 9, 2004
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