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Think I have a problem

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by Joshua Whalen, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. I have a thinkpad t41 that's just been put through a total
    overhaul/reinstall. Wiped the drive, reformatted, clean install windows
    xp pro executive sp3, etc...

    I did the work for a buddy, he takes it home, says it's freezing
    intermitantly, usually while running photoshop.

    so, I take it back, I work on it a while, run hardware diagnostics,
    leave various diagnostic utilities running for days, etc..

    I wipe the drive, reinstall, fire up photoshop and play with it a
    little, do some processor and memory intensive tasks, runs fine.

    I leave the machine up and running for four days on my desk, and let
    photoshop and illustrator and dreamweaver run in the background.
    Periodically I do some photoshop, or some illustrator. No crashes. no

    I give it back to him.

    It crashes, it freezes.

    Well, finally, the other day I finally got it to misbehave in front of
    me. I'm working in photoshop, and it freezes. I check the log file for
    windows (I think it's called event viewer, I am not a windows user
    myself), and I find a bunch of alerts from ACPIEC, and after some
    research find there are freezes and crashes associated with this module,
    which apparently manages the embedded controller unit.

    So, I search for fixes. A 2007 firmware upgrade, a 2004 ACPIEC driver
    upgrade. I dl both from lenovo, install the firmware upgrade with no
    hitches, thing still crashes, so I go to install the ACPIEC driver and
    it's a floppy disk image! A FRACKING FLOPPY DISK IMAGE!!! From 2004!!
    Can you believe this? The machine its an upgrade for doesn't even HAVE a
    floppy disk drive.

    So, what's my friends computer wizard friend (me) supposed to do?

    Well, I decided to come in here and ask all you nice friendly thinkpad
    aficiandos (definitely fine taste, ya'll. If I couldn't have my macbook
    pro, thinkpad is what I'd want. Same fine attention to detail, same
    built forever construction. Nice machine), how would you solve this? I
    do macintosh and linux work for a living, but only occasionally work
    with windows. I can't change his os, and there doesn't seem to be a
    defect in the machine. I would love to solve his problem. I have a
    memory stick, I thought perhaps I could create some kind of disk image
    on the memory stick? IS there a freeware app that'll do that on a pc?

    So, I beg your help. Thanks in advance for your generosity and patience.

    Joshua Whalen, Oct 17, 2011
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  2. google floppy drive emulator.
    Marc Auslander, Oct 17, 2011
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  3. Thanks Marc!!! Found one.

    BTW, I'm assuming that the driver issue is the source of the freezes,
    but I'd be real, real grateful for the input of anyone in here who has
    seen this kind of issue on thinkpads before and can offer enlightened
    speculation as to the cause. It's a T41, and it's my buddy's beloved
    little baby. I know how he feels, you can get real attached to a laptop.
    I felt the same way about my Pismo Powerbook. Unlike the Pismo, which
    tops out at Mac OS X 10.4.11, the T41 still has quite a bit of life left
    in it. I'd be thrilled to keep it alive for him as long as it can be
    kept alive. I miss my Pismo. I know he'd miss his T41. What a lovely job
    of design.

    Joshua Whalen, Oct 17, 2011
  4. Hope it helps - but I realize you may not be able to install firmware
    from an emulator! I have a USB floppy drive. I just looked at ebay
    and the first listing was 12.99 including shipping!

    And I understand - as I'm posting from my trusty T40!
    Marc Auslander, Oct 17, 2011
  5. Joshua Whalen

    T.C. Guest

    If I understood correctly, the firmware upgrade went fine but the
    driver's the problem - using a floppy emulator should be sufficient to
    copy the content of the image onto a stick, CD or maybe simply onto the
    hard disk for installation.
    T.C., Oct 20, 2011
  6. Joshua Whalen

    josephkk Guest

    Hmmm. A floppy image is very strange. I would consider unpacking the
    floppy image with linux (loopback mount) and writing the resultant file
    system to the hard disk directory or a CD. If that doesn't get it, try
    making an El Torito CD of the image file set.

    josephkk, Dec 4, 2012
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