Thinking of buying a Dell? Think again!

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Psychomation, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Psychomation

    Turner Guest

    Sorry if I offended you. I just see a lack of objectivity on his part here.
    Turner, Nov 13, 2003
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  2. Psychomation

    Tom Scales Guest

    No, you don't. You see a counterpoint to often worthless, statistically
    useless rants. If you'd been here awhile, like I have, you would also have
    heard me share disastrous experiences with Dell too.

    Regardless of anything else, Dell is still top of the heap.

    Tom Scales, Nov 13, 2003
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  3. Psychomation

    PC Gladiator Guest

    Egads man, you are really clueless.

    Read the stinking description of that crap. "Express" gets you to the front
    of the queue for offshore, broken English support provided by the newest
    script reader. The person at the end of the line will be as clueless as you
    appear to be so this would be the perfect option for you. :cool:

    But for those that actually want to speak to a a knowledgeable tech support
    person, well we're SOL because they have all been reserved for the business
    customers while Dell pretends to provide tech support for home users.

    Now please read the stuff a little bit more closely or give up the
    drinking... :cool:
    PC Gladiator, Nov 13, 2003
  4. Psychomation

    PC Gladiator Guest

    He knew that.

    He did?

    You are asking me to believe that Tom Scales is deliberately posting
    mis-information in this newsgroup in order to deceive people into believing
    that Dell offers high-level tech support to home users that are willing to
    pay for it?

    "I am shocked, shocked that there's gambling going on here." Captain Louis
    Renault, Casablanca
    PC Gladiator, Nov 13, 2003
  5. Psychomation

    PC Gladiator Guest

    Heap of WHAT is what we're trying to determine. :cool:
    Sorry, I am weak and just couldn't resist that great setup Tom.
    Keep up the good work...
    PC Gladiator, Nov 13, 2003
  6. Psychomation

    S.Lewis Guest


    My main peeve with the "express" aspect is plainly this: what about those
    of us who bought Dell systems with "free lifetime 24/7 tech support" prior
    to these "premium" support levels? (i.e.- purchased a desktop back in 2/01
    when the "old" 3 yrs HW, 1 yr onsite, and lifetime phone support was in

    Well, plainly we get kicked to the back of the line and there are quite a
    few of us. Now I probably could upgrade before my plan expires, but I

    Not to stray off topic...

    S.Lewis, Nov 13, 2003
  7. Psychomation

    Chris Allen Guest

    Dell sells the reliable Optiplex desktop and Precision workstation
    computer lines, and the reliable Latitude laptop and Precision
    laptop-workstation lines.

    Dell offers 16 different U.S.-based premium-support contracts:

    To sell millions of units per year without the accompaniment of
    millions of complaints, a company would have to restrict its sales
    to persons free of personality disorders.

    The fact that some persons suffering from personality disorders
    have chosen to do business with Dell does not necessarily refect
    poorly upon Dell.

    Chris Allen, Nov 13, 2003
  8. Psychomation

    Carol Guest

    You ended up quoting me out of context by breaking up my sentence. I asked
    which company has reliable computers AND good customer support AND no
    complaints. The answer to that question is none.
    I think Dell computers are reliable and I have 3 of them, one of which is 4
    years old. I also know in having done business with them for 4 years that
    the level of support went from excellent to terrible. I am not bashing
    Dell, I'm stating a fact. When I pay for an extended warranty I expect
    good support. I am not going to pay extra to get "premium support" which
    sounds like what was their standard support up until they outsourced
    overseas or to get my call answered more quickly by an incompetent tech. I
    have given up on phoning Dell's support. I solve my own software problems
    and email Dell for any hardware problems. The only reason I get the
    extended warranty is to cover hardware replacements and not for the
    privilege of calling support, being put on hold for an hour, and then
    getting someone reading a script trying to get me off the line so they can
    answer the next call. When I have a hardware problem I email them. It
    takes about 3 emails back and forth until they understand the situation.

    If we don't complain about support, Dell will never know that there's a
    problem. I will continue to buy Dells and continue to complain about
    support. This does not reflect a personality disorder this is just to let
    Dell know that they are not doing their job. I have noticed that they have
    dropped "award winning support" from their ads and are now pushing the
    durability of the computers. Hopefully this means our complaints about
    support have been heard by Dell.

    I have my own business and I get some complaints. I don't ignore the
    complaints, it helps me to make my business better. I would rather people
    complain to me and have me solve the problem than not complain and not do
    business with me again. I would like to see Dell improve their customer
    service. They are a good company, good support would make them a great

    Carol, Nov 13, 2003
  9. Psychomation

    PC Gladiator Guest

    Yes, of course. All complaints about Dell originate from customers with
    personality disorders. Let me guess, you're a Dell VP in charge of customer
    service, right? It appears you've taken the red pill and continue to live
    in the Dell matrix. Next time, go for the blue...
    PC Gladiator, Nov 13, 2003
  10. Psychomation

    Irene Guest

    Just another example of Dell's "dumping" on it's "consumer PC" customers.
    And yet another reason, that after years of buying Dell computers, we are no
    longer doing so.
    Irene, Nov 13, 2003
  11. Psychomation

    Turner Guest

    I have had a few very bad personal experiences with Dell, and I have several
    customers who have had bad experiences over the past two years. Therefore,
    there is a factual basis for my opinion. Not some "counterpoint to often
    worthless, statistically useless rants". Sorry to rain on your parade.
    Furthermore, I have been reading this group for about one year. All of your
    post which I've read are ALWAYS strong pro Dell. You obviously have some
    decent knowledge and offer some help here, but try to be a bit more open
    Turner, Nov 13, 2003
  12. Psychomation

    Tom Scales Guest

    I didn't say you.

    Aw to hell with it.

    I'm tired of being abused for being helpful.

    As far as I am concerned you can all continue to whine to your hearts
    content. I'm here to help.
    Tom Scales, Nov 14, 2003
  13. Psychomation

    Psychomation Guest

    As the originator of this thread, I mean this in the most positive way
    towards your efforts, Tom and with no irony:

    I'm *glad* you're here to help. With most forums I've been on where peer to
    peer help is available, it's often superior to manufacturer support since
    you've actually experienced the problem or at least the point of view of
    the person who has it. Having knowledgable help available on a free forum
    *should* lighten the load on customer support and allow them to have help
    with a higher tech level and less calls about what is actually Windows
    problems, pilot error or sometimes bad documentation. I realize that they
    have people reading lame scenarii about reformating and reinstalling
    windows because they likely get a lot of lame callers who are having
    problems that have *nothing* to do with Dell hardware (for example.)

    What I want Dell to do is to stop charging the account when they claim to
    charge upon shipment (bad enough) and then make it so hard to get the
    refund that is due (infuriating.)

    Really, all they'd have to do is get someone to realize that had they told
    me "no problem, we'll refund your card within 5 days" or even a little
    longer I'd never need to post in forums at all. Having to chase Dell as if
    they were welching on a bad loan is what sticks in my gullet and I'll make
    it known to as many punters (future PC buyers) as I can.
    Psychomation, Nov 14, 2003
  14. Psychomation

    Irene Guest

    What I want Dell to do is to stop charging the account when they claim to
    My husband and I do thousands of dollars of activity on our credit card
    every month. We have had only two company's exceed 10 business days on
    credit card refunds. Many are handled within 72 hours and nearly all in 7 to
    10 business days.

    One of the two problem company's was Dell and the other was Microsoft(MSN).
    Irene, Nov 14, 2003
  15. Psychomation

    Mike Guest

    There is an easy fix. Write to I did to resolve an
    issue relating to the purchase of a Dell Axim, after I went through numerous
    (all spoke very clear and understandable English) support techs. All told
    me the issue would be resolved to no avail. Wrote to Mr. Dell--issue
    resolved with a new unit in a week.

    That said, I've had a Dell Inspiron 4150 for a year now. Excellent machine,
    no problems or issues requiring support. When I did call on a question, got
    to a knowledgeable tech in about 5 minutes and the question was answered
    quickly and professionally.

    Will I purchase a Dell computer again---YES!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michael Osborn
    Mike, Nov 14, 2003
  16. Psychomation

    Irene Guest

    Will I purchase a Dell computer again---YES!!!!!!!!!!!

    For myself-----------

    Not until they either fix the problems with the Home and Home Office
    support, or offer an option(like what is offered their business customers)
    that provides for better support that is based in the U.S.
    Irene, Nov 15, 2003
  17. Psychomation

    PC Gladiator Guest

    Well, thank you very much!
    All home users please address all problems to for
    competent tech support!!

    There have to be SOME draw backs to having your name on the company. Then
    again, he's making a LOT of money by sending support off shore so no
    sympathy here.

    Let's make Mikey's new slogan "I feel your pain.". ;-)
    PC Gladiator, Nov 15, 2003
  18. Psychomation

    S.Lewis Guest

  19. Psychomation

    Kevin Guest

    I had to return two defective 600M's. It was a pain to have to
    install the operating system and apps three times!!! Two times for
    the defective 600M's, and one time when the person I sold my 4100 to
    graciously let me have it back. I love the 4100, but the new laptops
    based on my experience leave a lot to be desired.

    Kevin, Jan 20, 2004
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