Thinking of buying an NF7-S?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Mr. Mike, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. Mr. Mike

    Mr. Mike Guest

    I bought one September 14th...
    It worked great initially (400MHz fsb, Barton 2500+), so I put it aside to
    build a system for my son on my KT7A-RAID (XP2000+). After a few days of
    fixing Windows bugs I go back to my new toy AND IT WOULDN'T BOOT. I had
    power to the fans but no video, just a long beep. I checked and
    double-checked all connections, cleared the BIOS - you know the drill.
    Then I see some smoke from a cap by a lower PCI slot.
    No, I'm not going to monkey with a brand new board, so I go to Abit for an
    RMA, and find out they want $157 to cross-ship! Yes they'll return $150 if
    and when they determine everything's copasetic, after banging my card.
    It's $25 if you can't find a copy of your original receipt, or for a host
    of other reasons. You may want to see their site -
    So we Fedex to CA, follow the tracking numbers online (they got my son's
    machine to GA in two days - gotta love 'em), and check Abit's online RMA
    system. Here's what they'll tell you:

    "ABIT's RMA operation uses a "Pool" system. In order to ensure a fast
    turn-around time, ABIT has developed a pool of products from which to draw
    on. The products that are shipped back to the customers will be
    replacements of the same models as returned, not the same products that
    were sent back to us. This helps maintain a constant supply of products
    available for a continuous and reliable system of returns."

    OK, so they got my board lunchtime last Friday. I e-mailed them the
    following Wednesday night - not a nastygram, just to say what's the holdup,
    is there a problem... Nope. No answer...
    So Sunday makes a month since I bought the board, and I've had maybe four
    hours on it.
    I've had a few RMA's over they years, and I once handled RMA's for a local
    clone shop, and this industry has always impressed me with its level of
    service - BUT ABIT HAS SAT ON MY BOARD FOR A WEEK! Where's that "fast
    turn-around" and all that "constant","continuous" and "reliable"?
    Are they having a quality problem? Are they overwhelmed with returns right
    now? I wouldn't know as I haven't heard from them. I saw some posts about
    a month ago regarding some customers' complaints with Abit's RMA service.
    Maybe I should have paid more attention, but I've got a BX6 here that still
    works, I'm writing this on another KT7A-RAID, and other people I know who
    bought Abit (on my word) aren't having trouble. Abit HAS BEEN a quality
    supplier. That's why the post - I'm not looking for a pity party, I'm just
    trying to build a fire under our friends in Fremont.
    I've been in electronics manufacturing nearly twenty years, and I know the
    "RMA Pool" deal - I used to maintain one for the AWACS. I want to make it
    public that my Abit RMA experience isn't what I expect from the industry,
    and certainly not what I expected from Abit. If you're so backlogged then
    send them a new one - especially if they sent you a new one back! AND an
    apologetic e-mail.
    Mr. Mike, Oct 10, 2003
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  2. Mr. Mike

    dr_hardwrae Guest

    Well, I guess you should have purchased the MB from someone like
    I did (NF7-S) and it died within a short time. I simply called newegg's 800
    number and another one was on the way right away...had it within two days.
    They charged my credit card the $125 for the MB and I sent the bad one back
    and had a credit within a few days.

    Your RMA experience is probably typical for a MB manufacturer, as they
    normally get MB's that are out of warrantee.
    dr_hardwrae, Oct 11, 2003
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  3. Mr. Mike

    mike Guest

    Yeah but,
    I got it at a show, from somebody I've dealt with before.
    They give you seven days, and I was close enough that I'm sure
    they would have replaced it, but I figured Abit's turn-around
    would have been just as quick!

    mike, Oct 11, 2003
  4. Mr. Mike

    John Russell Guest

    've been in electronics manufacturing nearly twenty years, and I know the
    I don' think you can compare internal and external "pool" systems. Internal
    systems trust the enginneer returning the faulty item has the knowldge to
    condem said item himself and so give him an immediate replacement. External
    systems have no such trust and so each item has to be tested before a
    replacement can be sent. The benefit of the pool is that you don't have to
    wait for your board to be fixed once it's be found to be faulty through
    tests. They will send you one that someone else had previously returned as
    faulty and was fixed.

    Of course if the item is nearly new then they should replacment it with a
    brand new item, but even then they have to test yours first.

    Now we can be positive or negative about the delay. Either their boards are
    so good that they don't emply many enginneers to test returns, or their
    board are that bad a large number of enginneers are being swamped!
    John Russell, Oct 11, 2003
  5. Mr. Mike

    Morgan Guest

    Surely the first people to talk to and seek a refund or exchange are the

    My experiences, in the UK, with Abit themselves has been excellent, in what
    I have needed from them, but as most of the issues with a motherboard that
    I've experienced as always been within 12 months I have always used,
    successfully, the warranty from the retailer to resolve any problem.

    As a side note I have had to deal with Creative Labs in the UK (they are
    based in Ireland) as the warranty from them was for two years and the
    graphics card failed after 18 months. The whole experience was terrible and
    very very frustrating - they lost my card whilst testing it, then sent out a
    broken and obviously damaged replacement card (which had been used and not
    new as they claimed), then they lost that one as well when I returned it and
    eventually through a lot of complaining sent out a replacement card
    (slightly upgraded version). That one actually worked.

    Now the above hasn't put me off about Creative Labs I just sort of figure
    that some manufacturers are better than others in dealing directly with
    customers, as both Phillips and IIyama have shown when I have dealt directly
    with them through their extended warranties.



    My noisy drive is now fixed....
    Morgan, Oct 11, 2003

  6. Hi,

    just wanted to say I have had *very* good support experiences with Creative
    Ireland, I got them to send me all sorts of sh*t the past 4 years, like new
    fans for my *Original* GeForceDDR 256, leads for my SB-LIVE! platinum etc,
    total thumbs up. . .
    Wayne Youngman, Oct 12, 2003
  7. NF7-S v2.0 Rocks!
    Wayne Youngman, Oct 12, 2003
  8. Mr. Mike

    mike Guest

    Well, yeah, it did rock while it lasted -
    beats the hell out of me why it died though..
    Thanks for the moral support, crew.
    I'm sorry to hear about Morgan's HDD -
    There's a 45GB
    mike, Oct 13, 2003
  9. Mr. Mike

    mike Guest

    Well yeah, it rocked while it lasted - that's why I buy Abit.
    Morgan, sorry to hear about your HDD - there's a 45GB "Deathstar"
    in that KT7A-RAID I sent to my kid, and it's never been a problem in
    the two years I've been running it.
    Thanks for the imput - I guess it's the luck of the draw.
    mike, Oct 13, 2003
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